First of all, THANK YOU for all the incredibly kind words yesterday! They made my day. Really.

Next, I’m excited because “Design Mom” published my story about Lucy’s birth yesterday. Thank you to my new best friend Gabrielle Blair! To read it click here.

Also, click here for seven motherhood ideas I wrote down a couple years ago and was happy to review again this morning. I think you’ll like ’em.

Come back tomorrow for a necklace give-away (because, of course, along with honoring our Mothers and reflecting on what we can do better on Mother’s Day, we sometimes need something pretty to get us through the trenches, right?).

I’ll post the winner of A Mother’s Book of Secrets from yesterday’s give-away tomorrow morning. There’s still time to enter the give-away (until tonight at midnight) so go stick your name in there!

I’m going to go bask in the fact that I get to mother these sweethearts:…and that one of them is home “sick” today so we get to hang together. (I say “sick” because she’s just got a little stomach ache and would be fine at school, but hey, I’ll snuggle her up while I can.) I’m going to put her to work to help me clean the kitchen, organize the craft cupboard, make dinner, run some errands and pay some bills.

Have a happy day!

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  2. Your book helped me so much! I read it the first month my first baby was (born this last January). The ideas helped me see the joy that is ahead and look forward to trying them out when she's older and we have more.

    Thank your for your secrets!!

  3. Okay, it's no wonder why I think you are AMAZINg, you have no choice having AMAZING parents like you have! How awesome of role models are they! WOW!!!!!
    Our school won't allow us to take our kids out for lunch, unless we take them out for the whole day, which I occasionally do!
    and next year, I am homeschooling yay!
    I love the mothers day letter idea. We (hubby and I) do letters on each and every birthday. he isn't as good at it as I am though, he has skipped alot, but they will just treasure the ones he did write all the more. On top of letters, I keep a journal for each daughter (but I only have two girls)….I LOVE reading back at what I wrote when they were babies and toddlers, so fun! and so special for them to have it. I have always loved anything to do with journaling/photos/memories.
    My mom kept a baby book for all 7 of us and that is something I loved and vowed to do!
    LOVE all your ideas!!!

  4. I loved reading your birth story yesterday on Design Mom. It really touched my heart. Although my daughter has nowhere near the same trials as your little one I deal with some similar concerns about quality of life. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 4. We too have to worry about blindness and other concerns if her diabetes isn't taken care of properly. We could do everything right & there is still a chance she could have complications. We all have our burdens to bear as parents of children with special healthcare needs. Thank you so much for sharing your story with others. It helps the rest of us to know we are not alone in the struggles we go through with our sweet little ones.

  5. I think it every time, and never write it down…you have the most gorgeous family!
    BTW, I'm friends of your brother and sister-in-law, Noah and Kristi…and I'm lucky enough to have Becky Mousser as my sister-in-law{I think it's fun to know how people found me}
    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  6. Thanks so much for those wonderful IDEAS. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Every time i read your ideas, it makes me what to be a better Mother. I too have a child that is struggling with health and learning disabilities. YOUR words of wisdom are very inspirational. Thanks for helping us to become better wives and mothers.

  7. I've been reading Designmom for some time…love her! She could be all of our BFF's….Happy Mother's day to you!

  8. Shawni…could I trouble you to help me out….I've been reading your blog for quite some time…have commented before…but not always ;( I just KNOW I read somewhere that your parents wrote a book about "the birds and the bees " talk???? Or am I just crazy?? Thought it was here that I read that? IF it is you, could you please please tell me the name of that book 🙂 I would be forever grateful!!!!!! Oh, by the way, my husband went through his orthodontic residency with Greg Garn!!! Don't you just love that family!!! My email is if you know the book….or I can just check back on your blog comments 🙂 Thanks Shawni!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  9. I just discovered your blog ,and could not stop reading. All those beautiful photos of your family!!
    What impresses me mostly is the fealing of love and happiness that reaches out of every single picture you have posted.
    greeting from Croatia

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