Motherhood rocks.  
And sometimes in the midst of the daily grind we kind of forget that little fact.
Maybe it’s the dirty socks tucked safely on the kitchen table that make us forget.  
Or the fighting about who’s turn it is to practice ringing in our ears.
Or parenting dilemmas that nearly rip our hearts in two.
We need to remind ourselves of the “rocking” part of motherhood once in a while.  

I just got back from a long-anticipated trip with my family.

I came home to a broken front door, laundry everywhere, oil seeped into the driveway (after some strict instructions from Dave to our children NOT to park that car in the driveway), interesting reports from neighbors about our children while we were gone, undone things on the house, empty job charts…
…and to the most precious five children I could ever imagine.

Yes, amidst the sea “to-do’s” waiting for me and of realization that our parenting needs to be stepped up some serious notches on all fronts, my heart burst with love for these children I get to raise who I missed so much.  
When I walked in the door (Dave had to stay in China for a couple days so I was alone), they had the house spiffed up (at least at first glance) and Lucy was upstairs bawling her head off.  After we scrambled into the biggest hugs ever and held on tight for a minute or two I headed up to see what in the world the commotion was with Lucy.  She was lying on her bed in the dark bawling about how everyone is mean to her and wailed to herself through her tears, “MOM! PLEASE COME HOME!” not having any idea amidst her sea of sorrow that her mother was home, and was in fact kneeling right beside her with a big smile on her face.  I got to scoop her up and snuggle her close as it slowly registered that her wish had come true.  

Right then and there I felt like the luckiest mama of all time.  
How grateful I am for these ragamuffin children of mine.    
Motherhood is quite amazing isn’t it?  
I’m so grateful for little “moments” to help me remember that.  I have forgotten lately about how much a good motherhood book will remind me of the same thing being away does.  Motherhood books give me such a tremendous boost and help remind me “I CAN DO THIS!”  (see my list of a few of the motherhood books I love in the second question back HERE). 
So I’m so excited for a new book Power of Moms has just published called “Motherhood Realized.”  It’s a compilation of a whole bunch of essays (one of them happens to be by me :).  I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these puppies:

Now, the extra exciting thing (aside from having a new inspirational book to read), is that there happens to be a chance to get that little book on the NYT Best Seller list if books are bought THIS WEEK.  If you’re anything like me, it’s always good to have a little push to get done with Mother’s Day shopping BEFORE the last second, what a great gift this would be.  Or just a great book to have on the nightstand where you can read a quick essay each night to bring on inspiration after a rough day.  

Let’s help these women put Motherhood on that Best Seller list!  What a great opportunity to let people know MOTHERHOOD MATTERS!  And it’s important as all get-out.  And we want to be deliberate about it!  More info. about the book on my sister’s blog over HERE and the Power of Moms website HERE.

(over a hundred great reviews over there to tell you more about it).

Exciting stuff I tell you!  Let the motherhood inspiration begin!

Now to go scrape peanut butter off the couch…

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  1. How about one on fathering? Just finished reading your parents' book on entitlement and feel like I could climb Mt Everest with all of my kids on my back. I'm so ready to do it all. But I can't seem to get the mister interested. He's the BEST dad, but thinks parenting books are for the birds. Any ideas for getting partners on board?

  2. I love this post and I try to see the positive when things aren't so great! Parenting is my calling and I am so not perfect but it is the most important thing to me! Our son just turned 16 so we have those issues and daughter just turned 12, they are at the ages of going through things and trying to figure it all out, but through it all we have a ball at our house and are in this together!

  3. I'm not a mom (yet) but this little story brought tears to my eyes thinking of how happy Lucy must have been to see you & have her wishes come true:)

  4. I almost cried when Lucy realized you were there. I love days when I can reflect on how much I love being a Mom and I am not in the thick of the fighting and business. Thanks!

  5. Love this Shawni. I have been following your blog for some time and love hearing your views on life and motherhood. This post was beautiful. Especially the part about sweet Lucy 🙂
    Thank you!

  6. I have a question – are the products made by Dave's company manufactured in China? I wonder since he travels there a lot for work?

  7. I just pre-ordered 10 of your books for my girlfriends for Mother's Day. Thank you for being so generous with the details of your life! It definitely helps us all feel that we're not alone, through the good and not so great. 🙂

  8. i needed this post today. today was kind of similar for me. a really wretched day, actually. and as i drove home from having a horrible restaurant experience, with five CRYING FIGHTING DIRTY CHILDREN to the overwhelming task of putting them to bed… i thought to myself… you know what? this is my dream job. i am a lucky woman. and ps. i love love love the article in the ensign this month about motherhood. you should enjoy it if you haven't already. xo

  9. Aw, I feel for little Lucy. My parents also traveled a ton and I was also the youngest in my family. It broke my heart when they would leave. I bet she loved having her wish come true when you came home! I can't wait to read the book, I have heard a lot about it!

  10. So many routine changes for Lucy. People coming and going. Places changing. Schedules thrown off with unique activities like the temple open house.

  11. That was so sweet about Lucy.

    I haven't got any children & would give anything to have some. Today is especially hard for me as it's Mother's Day here in the UK.

    I'm not going to church today as I don't want to be reminded of what I haven't got.

    A lot of members say that looking after other people's children is like having your own but believe me it defenetely isn't. You're also never part of Mum's conversations about all the different parts of raising children.

    If you have children please be grateful. You truly don't know how blessed you are & how some of us would give anything To have thongs such as the school run, messy bedrooms, missing socks etc.

  12. Shawni, you say it best! I couldn't express my thoughts better than that but I feel exactly the same way! There is nothing like it.. nothing.. being a mom is all that and more. I look forward to reading the new book. Thanks as always!

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