You know when you meet someone and you just instantly feel that “click”? You just kind of “get” them and it feels like they “get” you too?

Well, that’s how I feel about my friend Sarah from Clover Lane. “Have I met her?” you may ask, and my answer is “no”…at least not in person. But I feel like I have because she’s just so darn down-to-earth and good and easy-going. It shines through so fully in her blog and through e-mails. We “met” through blogging and she is one of those people that just makes you wish you could be their neighbor.

Sarah has come up with the coolest idea: to interview mothers of different faiths and ask them questions about how their religious convictions help them to mother. She explains her purpose much better than I can:

“My goal is to interview fellow mothers/bloggers of different faiths and have a little window into each of their lives…and to see in the end, how we are all trying to achieve the same thing…to prepare faithful, loving, compassionate, children to go out into the world and lead productive, purposeful, meaningful lives.

“We are all more similar than we are different.

“Different doctrines, different traditions, different rituals, different beliefs, but our fears,
our love for our families, and our hopes for our children are all so alike.

Isn’t that a great idea?

Well, she asked me for an interview about my religion and I was honored to comply.

To read the interview, click here.

I have to say that as I pondered over these questions I became even more thankful to have beliefs that I can rely on and faith to carry me through the tough stuff life throws out. I’m thankful to have guidance to help raise my family. And to feel the love of God in my life so regularly.

I loved reading Sarah’s other two interviews so far as well. They are here and here.

Sarah is right, no matter what religion we are part of, we as mothers are so much alike…we want to instill in our children all the goodness we can and help them maneuver through life happily.

Thanks, Sarah, for helping to point that out.

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  1. I read your interview when it first showed up on Sarah's blog. You did an amazing job, and I bookmarked it too! Thank you. 🙂

  2. You were spot on in your interview. I felt like every answer was direct and filled with sincerity and truth. Thanks for sharing your testimony with so many "mothers". I read the other interviews as well and think it is a fantastic thing that Sarah is doing.

  3. great interview. I think that blog world is amazing. I have been able to meet some wonderful Moms that have become some great friends.; )

  4. Thank you so much for doing your interview. What a wonderful idea. There is so much that unites Christian women and we need to embrace one another. Thank you for letting your light shine! It is important and appreciated. 🙂

  5. Shawni, What a FANTASTIC interview! But, really I wouldn't expect anything else from you. I read your blog daily and you are such an inspiration to me. I feel like you're a part of my family… only, you just don't know it. I have your book by my bedside and when I've had an especially hard "Mom" day, I read it for a quick pick me up. I'm so grateful to know that there are other moms out there with the same struggles as well as the same desires that I have. You are definitely a ROCK STAR in my book! Thanks so much for being such a light in my life. I wish we were neighbors…but for now, I'll have to settle for being sisters in the gospel.

  6. You did a truly excellent job. When I first saw this series on Sarah's blog I wondered which Mormon Mommy Blogger she'd choose, and was so relieved when I saw it was you! You have such a fabulous way of conveying your thoughts, and such an inspiring view of motherhood. I loved your interview, it was a truly wonderful addition to the series.

  7. I adore Sarah and found your blog through her. I really liked reading your interview. Both of you have an energy and light that attracts moms like me who are looking for the right amount of inspiration and reality. Thank you.

  8. Yup! Loooove Sarah 🙂 And your interview was awesome too!!!! I just love you guys both so much! Crazy, I don't even "know" you in real life…but I feel like I know you better than some of my friends that I see every day 🙁 Thank you for sharing so much of that wisdom of yours!!!!

  9. When I read about Sarah's series, I found myself hoping that Sarah would pick you to write about our religion. Thank you for representing us so well!

  10. I have read the other 2 interviews as well and found them so uplifting and inspiring. I am so thankful that Sarah chose you to represent the LDS faith. You explained things so clearly and so honestly. Your testimony and faith helped strengthen my own testimony. Thank you for sharing:)

  11. I love her idea of interviewing mothers of different religions. You did an amazing job with your interview, and I really felt like you put into words what so many of us LDS mothers feel in our hearts. Thank you.

  12. Found your blog over at Clover Lane. I have been reading her blog as of late and truly enjoy it. I am an LDS momma and I truly loved your interview. Thank you for all you shared. It was beautiful!

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