1. Just beautiful. Your girls make me want daughters (I have three boys). They always look so happy to be together and seem so sweet to each other!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I always want to know where your hikes are. The locations are just so beautiful. I miss the desert and want to move back 🙂

  3. sorry so many typos…again:
    I can't believe you hiked in flipflops!! I loved all the pictures it looked like a great day to spend Mother's Day.

  4. I'm not sure if anyone has told you this BUT is it just me or does your son resemble andrew garfield? I went to see Spiderman this weekend with my husband and couldn't get over the resemblance. You have an amazingly beautiful family. Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Such beautiful pictures! I have always lived in Alaska so I appreciate seeing the beauty of the desert. I was thinking about snakes before I even saw the snake picture! Do you have to look out for them on the trail? I am taking my kids into the California desert this summer, and they are worried about snakes! We have to be on the lookout for moose & bears around here–but they are much bigger and easier to spot!

    Looks like you had a great Mother's Day. Many blessing to you and your family!

  6. dying to know where this beautiful hike is? We live in Mesa and my boys would LOVE to climb on those rocks . . . So pretty! Never knew before we moved here that I would find so much beauty in the desert.

  7. Please, Please tell us where this hike is. I have a son with cerebral palsy and can only do "easy" hikes. This looks perfect. We just moved here in Aug and looking for recreation ideas. Thanks!

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