This Mother’s Day I was so grateful for a yellow dress and for technology.

The yellow dress thing was that Lucy came into my bathroom before our early church dressed in a different dress than the one she insists on wearing every single Sunday. Sure, she had it on inside out and her head through the arm hole, but she knew I’d love that she was willing to switch up her iron will for me on Mother’s Day. Man alive we both had some big smiles about that (the inside-out part and the gift-that-she-really-didn’t-know-was-such-a-gift).

Church was filled up with the sweetest primary kids singing “More than Enough” and crepes for the moms, and we came home for our own Mother’s Day breakfast.

…And had FHE which I love, especially since we talked about motherhood and my favorite painting I talked about in my Mother’s Day post. The girls gave me this print after our MFMP trip since they knew I loved it so much:

It hangs as a reminder in my office and I love it so much.

Got to talk to all the kids:

I got to FaceTime with lots of my family and my marvelous mother:

Roped Dave into cooking one of my favorite meals with me:

He knows working in the kitchen together is the key to my heart.

My Mother’s Day hiking tradition (I know the only way I can get my family to hike is to request for my birthday and Mother’s day) has turned into a bike/walk since Lucy can’t really hike any more.

But we biked to the nearby bird preserve and loved exploring in the slanty sun.

Back home for American Idol, more FaceTime…

…and more GRATITUDE for that mother of mine.

For Dave’s mom.

For all mothers and the act of mothering.

And that I, Shawni Pothier, get to be the mother of some of my favorite human beings on earth.

I really don’t know how I got so lucky to have them, but I’m grateful, like weepy-grateful, that they are mine. And I’m theirs.

Forever and ever.

Oh Motherhood is quite a ride. All the ups and downs. And I’m grateful every day for this journey.

And also that I get to do it with this guy, who gave me all these kids, and who I will always love “just a little bit more.”

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  1. I love Lucy’s dress, it looks great on her. Also, the fact that it’s favourite colour also helps.

  2. Lucy just GLOWS in that yellow dress! She looks so beautiful, as do you in your purple! You are such a wonderful example of mothering, thank you for sharing it with us strangers through the internet.

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