In light of Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I have a few thoughts:

Not only do I feel that Mother’s Day is a day to honor those mothers who have influenced my life for good in so many ways (because they are simply amazing…more on that later), but I feel like it’s a day to reflect on how incredibly blessed I feel to be counted among Mothers. Am I treating it as the sacred job that it is to get to be the “one” to care for these children?

Each Mother’s Day I try to re-evaluate how I’m doing as a mother. I love Iris Krasnow’s quote: Being There [is] an emotional and spiritual shift, of succumbing to Being Where You Are When You Are, and Being There as much as possible. Its about crouching on the floor and getting delirious over the praying mantis your son just caught instead of perusing a fax or filling the dishwasher while he is yelling for your attention and you distractedly say over your shoulder: ‘Oh, honey, isn’t that a pretty bug.’ It’s about being attuned enough to notice when your kid’s eyes shine so you can make your eyes shine back.”

I’m working on making my eyes shine back and slowing down instead of stressing out about the myriad of “do dos” stretching out endlessly before me.

And I’m working on turning everything else “off” when they’re home from school. Which is VERY hard, I might add, in our technology driven society!

I want to be in the moment as much as I can. That’s when I’m happiest.

I also want to “give back” to other mothers who have buoyed me up in my motherhood.

So……….I’m going host a couple give-aways this week in honor of Mother’s Day.

Things I think will help other mothers re-evaluate their mothering too.

Today the give-away is “A Mother’s Book of Secrets.”
I’ve never done one of these before, so bear with me! But I want as many people as possible to have this motherhood book in their hands.

It has a two-fold purpose, you see. Not only will it help you remember/renew your own Motherhood “secrets,” and help you add to your arsenal (I’m a little biased, but I feel like it has the power to jolt mothers into more conscientious mothering), but each copy sold will help fight blindness (we give 100% of the royalties to the Foundation Fighting Blindness and Foundation for Blind Children). And sometimes, like when Lucy looks right past me in the dark like she is a blind person, I just want to stand up and fight harder than ever against that.

If you already have one of these puppies, hey, who couldn’t use a Motherhood book to give away to a friend?

So, this is what we’re going to do:

Leave a comment if you want to be in the drawing.

I will draw a winner on Friday.

Oh wait, you already know about give-aways.

Love, Shawni

p.s. And remember, just in case you don’t want to wait for all this mumbo jumbo give-away stuff and you really want to get a book for yourself or someone else special for Mother’s Day (there’s still time!), click here. They’re 20% off in honor of Lucy.

But even if you buy one, still enter the give-away. You can’t have too many motherhood books!

Please note that this give-away is now closed. Thanks so much for the entries!

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blog ad can only imagine I would love your book just as much! I would love to add this to my library!

  2. I'd love to learn more about the secrets of motherhood as I embrace the life of a new mommy. I think I'll need it this year (and many more to come)! Thanks

  3. Wow! I'm in love with all your ideas and have been wanting to get my hands on your book for a long time. I would so love a copy but would be excited for anyone who got such a lovely gift. Thanks for all that you do!


  5. wow! what a gift! I would love to have a coopy of your book! It would be a great source of inspiration to this young mother that lives in a foreign land without her mother! πŸ™‚ Thank you! And thank you for sharing your thoughts. It helps more than you think. Gracias.

    Linda Lopez-Stone.

  6. I already have one but, my sister is a young new mother and i think this book would be a great inspiration to her!!! Fingers crossed!

  7. I read my sister's copy but need one of my own for "reference." I've also read several of you parent's books and loved them. Count me in.

  8. I feel a little bad entering to win a copy of your book, because really I should BUY it to support the cause, but… here I am. I did drop a hint to my husband, though — maybe he'll come through for Mother's Day!

  9. My good friend referred me to your blog and it is awesome! Makes me want to be a better mother and helps me stay focused on what is important….love the turning off everything when the kids are home. Working on that one! Thanks and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. Hey Shawni! Been wanting to take a look. Couldn't believe it when I saw your book in the Deseret Book flier. Wasn't surprised, though. Your a great mom!

  11. Have some….but could always use 1 more. They make for great gifts. And so far the women I gave have not been disappointed, they too love the book, love you and your mom and now read your blog…

  12. I don't even know you personally, yet the way you write about your family and the pictures you take make me yearn to be a better mother to my precious kids. Thank you for the opportunity to have this book!!

  13. I love reading your blog, you are always so positive and have great insights. I'm sure the book has lots of them, too!

  14. Your blog is seriously my favorite each day. I am so excited when you pop up in my reader. I would love to get my hands on your book.

    Happy Mother's day Shawni…you seriously are an inspiring mother in my life.

  15. i am the worst kind of "friend" i still haven't read your sweet book. i saw it at christines house but i'm a jerk and don't have one. i would LOVE to have one of your lovely books. πŸ™‚

  16. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your blog. It helps me become a better mother every time I read it! When i'm having a hard day I just hop onto your blog and I feel completely rejuvenated! I already have your book(which I LOVE too) but I have really wanted to give one to my sister in law who is struggling with being a mom right now. Thanks for your guidance and help in my life.

  17. I LOVE this book…when I got it I read the whole thing in one day! My friend just had her 3rd baby and i gave my copy away to her and she loves it as well! Ive been meaning to buy me another one but thats on my endlist to do list!!! Ill get there haha unless i win!

  18. Thanks for all the insightful wisdom! I love your blog, would adore your book (it's on my wish list!) and appreciate your offer!

  19. I've heard such amazing things about your book and always feel uplifted and inspired reading your blog. Thanks so much!

  20. Shawni, I feel guilty for putting my name in the hat because I should just buy one – but I often have a hard time buying for myself. I would LOVE a copy of this book. I struggle with the same things and today just happens to be an especially "down on myself" day. Thanks for your thoughts and for the chance to win!!

  21. I would really love to have this book. I live in St. George, but can't make your special retreat. So, disappointing… the book would make me feel better!

  22. i recieved this book last year for mother's day, and after reading it through and then again and again, i have deemed it a must-have for mothers. i have so many friends who i would love to have it!

  23. I first came across Linda Eyre's books as a young mother many years ago. I always admired that beautiful family on the back cover of their books (on the tree limb). Imagine my happy joy to have found your blog! As an older mother with nine children of my own now(still can't believe that!) it's so refreshing to see your beautiful family and how your parent's wise and loving heritage is passed on through you. Thank you for sharing and continuing to uplift. πŸ™‚

  24. You truly are an influence for good and your light is being held high for others to see. Carry on!
    Linda, if you're reading this then "congratulations on raising a wonderful daughter"!

  25. Every mother should own a copy of this book. No need to put me in the drawing, I already own one (and LOVE it). πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say this is a great idea! πŸ™‚


  26. Thank you for the inspiration on your blog. I am one of your many blog stalkers and I look forward to reading it. I purchased the book awhile back and I am truly IN LOVE with it!!! I would love to win another copy to give to my sister.

  27. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and love it. I would love to read/have this book. A special book is a great addition to a wonderful Mothers Day. Thanks

  28. I want this book so bad, but I can't get it here. I'm not sure if you are taking international entries but if you are I'd love a chance πŸ˜€

  29. I would love to own a copy of your book! My husband and I are just starting the adoption process… This would be a great treasure to add to our "prepare" shelf πŸ™‚
    Thank you β™₯

  30. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and resolve to be a better mother. That is a great way for each of us to celebrate the day!

  31. Hey Shawni, I would LOVE a copy of your book, I'm a big reader of your blog and feel like I know you and your family. I'm in the process of deciding if I should have another child, my daughter was killed in a car accident 5 years ago and my husband committed suicide two weeks after her funeral. I'm finally at a point where I think I'm strong enough to have another baby. I'm just praying about it and waiting to see what God has in store for me next. Anyway, I know there is no greater feeling in this world than being a Mom, so thank you so much for sharing yourself with all of us! God bless ya! Trys

  32. I found your mom's website today and almost cried. I feel like I have done so many things wrong in parenting. I NEED THE BOOK. I love your family. Thank you. You guys are a blessing.

  33. Shawni,

    I was just thinking of sending you a note to let you know how much I look forward to reading all your posts. As a young mom I feel like I'm learning from your insights and thoughts and I really appreciate it! Each day I feel like I'm gaining a great appreciation for this sacred roll we all share and have been feeling so fulfilled staying at home (I've gone back and forth on going back to work part time). Thank you thank you for all you do. It has to be a sacrifice to blog so much and put yourself out there, but I for one, have really appreciated it!

    I think my mom is bringing me her copy of your book, but I would love one to give to a good friend.

    Thanks again, and keep up the amazing work!

  34. What a great book idea. I saw your story on Design Mom and was so insipered (being a new mom of 2) . Your children are beautiful. Happy [early] Mothers Day!

  35. I recently learned that doing hard stuff only makes me better. I wish I had learned that a while ago! I got it from your blog! I can't thank you enough!

  36. You are an inspiration as a Mother and a Woman! (: Thank you for sharing yourself and your words with the world. You help to make the world a better, more beautiful place!

  37. I am a silent admirer and have not posted anything before, but your blog is so refreshing and I would love to have the book. You do not know how many lives you have changed for the better. Thank you for being such a great example of a Mother.

  38. I would love to win this book, I live in Canada and I have been reading your blog for a long time and then I really wanted to buy your book. I went to our local book store and asked if they could order it in for me and they said no because they didn't have the canadian rights to this book. Maybe I could buy it online but I'm not up on online shopping. lol

  39. I love your blog Shawni. I met your mom at education week at BYU and have been reading it ever since. I love all of your posts on motherhood and I would love your book of mothering secrets. My husband and I are students so a give away is an amazing offer! Thank you so much!

  40. I so enjoy reading your blog. My mother, sister and sister-in-laws were in Spokane this last weekend to hear you and your mother speak. I have to say I was a little jealous. I would love a motherhood book. Who doesn't need a little pick me up now and then. Thanks for being so generous!!

  41. I would LOVE to win this for my sister for her 1st Mother's Day. I absolutely LOVe my book! Happy Mother's Day Shawni!

  42. Shawni,
    Your blog inspires me everyday… I can't imagine how much your book will do for me! Thanks for the offer… Keep up the great inspiration πŸ˜‰

  43. I only found your blog a few days ago, but spent the entire day reading it! Just reading about how you view motherhood in everyday life made me want to read your book, and anything would be worth helping your sweet Lucy. I'm going to buy a copy regardless. I think your book will better prepare me to be a mother someday. Thanks for your inspiration!

  44. I love reading what you have to say each week..I would be honored to have your book too!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Happy Early Mother's Day to you!

  45. I'm a mother of four very sweet girls & thankful that I get to stay @ home with them everyday. I'd love to be inspired by your book because I know how much your blog has inspired me! Thank you for all you share & the beautiful pictures you post. Happy Mother's Day!

  46. I am a total lurker but just have to say how much I adore your blog and how much I admire you! I just basically want to BE you. πŸ™‚ Or at the very least be LIKE you!I already have this book and it is one of my favorites. I always seem to read just the right "chapter" at the right time, it always hits home for me and is what I need to read at that particular moment. Thank you so much. If I win I would give it to my mom or one of my fellow moms in the 'trenches.' πŸ™‚ Wish I could give a copy to all of my friends! I also am devouring many books written by your parents and love them as well. Anyway, long comment! I'll stop typing now. :)Happy Mother's Day!

  47. I came across your blog a few months back and fell in love with it. It is so inspiring that I read it every day after checking my emails! It is so wonderful to have a glimpse into a Christian mother's experience. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your joys, your inspirations and your fears so openly. I would absolutely love to read your book! Wishing you and your family the very best. May God bless you abundantly.

  48. Happy Mothers day Shawni, and thank you for the chance to enter a give away. Your blog inspires me, Thank you from Far South Tasmania, Australia.

  49. Just bought a couple for gifts, (I already have one) would love another for another sister πŸ™‚ (I ran out of budget :)) Happy Mother's Day! πŸ™‚

  50. I have wanted to pick up a copy of your big since I heard you speak in Ogden at the TOFW conference earlier this year. Can't wait to get a copy even if I don't win :)!

  51. Reading your blog has made me a better mom already. Even my husband noticed a difference. WE only have 2 kids, but 450 head of cattle and I work 3 days a week for health insurance. I would love to read your book and see how much more i can learn!!!!!

  52. I would love to read your book! I love your blog, and I will buy a couple of books just because I think that Lucy is just about the most darling little girl in the world!

  53. Shawni-I just gave three of them away this week to my friends with my favorite general conference talk for a mother's day gift. Would love to give one to another friend!

  54. I never win a thing, but for a chance at getting this book, I'll try anything. I wouldn't tell anyone if you just said I was the winner without doing the whole random thing! πŸ˜‰

  55. I would really love to win this…after all, it IS my favorite blog!! I have it on my list if *wants* for Mother's Day…If I don't get it, or win it, I will purchase it for myself.

    By the way, I love how you *mother*!

  56. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I love it! I'm not a mom yet, but would love a copy of your book! πŸ™‚ Happy Mother's Day!

  57. My mom heard about your book & how wonderful it is that she placed it on hold at our local library. They didn't have it, so they had "A Mother's Book of Secrets" sent all the way from BYU-Hawaii. She loved reading it & I found her crying several times while reading about your little Lucy. My mom does way too much for me & my family and I can't wait to celebrate Mother's Day wit her. She would love it if she could always have on-hand a copy of this outstanding book. Thank you for inspiring motherhood!

  58. I've only recently heard your story, and it is quite beautiful. I'd love to read your mother's thoughts on it all. Looking forward to the book! πŸ™‚

  59. Oh Shawni!

    I have always wanted a copy of your book (just waiting for the budget to be a little better…soon I hope).

    You are SO sweet to give away a book!

    Good luck to all the entrants!

  60. I'm a new mommy and I came across your blog through my good friends the Carvers. πŸ™‚ I would love to learn more about becoming an amazing mother.

  61. I keep telling myself that when I "grow up" I need to be a better mom, just like you are. My girls adore you (and your girls too!)

  62. Shawni,
    I love reading your blog, and your book! I'm giving it to my mom and sisters-in-law for Mother's Day! You're awesome. Thanks for sharing all your secrets with me.

  63. I love reading your blog and would absolutely love to read your book as well. You have a beautiful family and I love hearing about all their adventures.

  64. Hi Shawni! I love your blog and I loved hearing you and your mom speak at TOFW in Spokane last weekend! I have already instituted family testimony meeting at my house!

  65. I just found your blog. Love it. I do have your book but would be Happy to give one to another mom.. so here is my entry. πŸ™‚ HAppy DaY

  66. I found your blog thur design mom and i have never felt such an understanding from another woman. I am so afraid while being pregnant with my 3rd child to think of everything this baby has to be tested for and maybe even not dignosied. Your kids are amazngly beautiful thank you so much for sharing.

  67. Shawni-

    You probably had no idea so many people follow your blog. That just shows what a great writer and inspiration you are. You've definitely inspired me!

  68. You are SUCH an inspiration!! Every time I read your blog, I want to be a better mommy (and have more kids *gasp* ha ha!)

  69. Thansk for your blog
    It inspires me.i love your photography.
    thanks for sharing
    Hoping Lucy can be better soon with the help of the money raisedShe is adorable
    you have a beautiful family
    lv Bron
    also from Tasmania Australia

  70. Found your blog from the Christmas card you sent my parents (the Nicholls). Its fun to keep up with your family and get some parenting advice in as well! I can use all the help I can get.

  71. Tanya C. From Farmington.
    I love reading your blog and would love to read your mom secrets! Thankis for being an inspiration!

  72. I have been a follower of the Eyre ways since I was a teenager. I was thrilled to find your blog and then your wonderful mother's blog so I could continue to glean from your wisdom. Thanks so much for so generously sharing your talents and wisdom with us. I love to check in and read your blog.

  73. I love this book. I would love to share it with another great mother! Love your blog! Thank you for the reminders on being a wonderful mother.

  74. Shawni,
    I bought one of these for myself one night after skimming through it at Deseret Book one night. I LOVED it so much, I went back and bought 9 more copies!!! One for my mom and each of my sisters and sister-in-laws. We are having our annual mom/sisters retreat at Sundance next month and I can't wait to give them each a copy! This book has given me some great ideas that we have incorporated into our family. Thanks so much!

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