Our college girls have a whole lot of life-moving-pieces going on up there in Provo, so let’s do a little update on that.

Because we got to do a quick overnight visit last weekend.

Claire had moved from the dorms at BYU and that whole all-engulfing experience she adored so much (more on that HERE and HERE) to live for a couple weeks temporarily with Max and Abby (in that second link), and then into her new real-deal college apartment with her cousin as a roommate:

How lucky is that??

She also transferred schools (she only planned to do BYU for the summer…fun to have that dorm experience and get a few classes under her belt…and signed up for that before she knew she’d be playing volleyball). Right as she was trying to transfer and figure out new semester classes and move, her volleyball practices ramped up to two-a-days and hours on end and early weight training as the season approached.

But could she do it all?

You bet.

Because she is awesome.

And she did it all by her lonesome since we were in Peru.

We had planned that family trip ages ago, (and if I can ever organize my thousands of pictures I will post about that thing!) and when she accepted this volleyball opportunity, it closed the door for her coming with us. That is hard for a mama (and a daughter), but she’ll get there some day! And she is having some pretty chance-of-a-lifetime experiences right now!

Of course, she was perfectly capable to do all that moving and figuring things out, and did a great job at it all, but I was still pretty anxious to get my arms around that girl after missing her so much while we were gone!

We got to be there for her first college volleyball tournament which was at the University of Utah.

They had three games, and we were pretty excited.

Love that she has this awesome high school volleyball friend who started at UVU last year and is showing her the ropes:

They have some pretty excellent middles on the team, so who knows how much play time Claire will ever get, but she sure is a great cheerleader on the sidelines!

(See my instagram story if you want to see her in action:)

And it was pretty fun to see her on the jumbotron:

Go Claire!

There were two games on Friday, so between them we got to go to lunch with my parents who were at the game with us (the best):

And we also got to watch Carson’s “White Coat” ceremony together from the car:

GO CARSON! (More on that in the last post back HERE.)

These guys came to the second game that day:

Which was so sweet, and we got to have dinner with them after, which happened to be right at the very place Dave and I had our first date after my mission:

…right back there behind us where I did NOT like him and brought my little sister Charity along for moral support. Ha!!

(More about our “love story” back HERE.)

Love that one of my best high school friends Maureen was there and that we got to catch up with her too.

It was also move-in day for Grace before we could get there, (she was moving from her summer apartment to the one she signed up for for Fall), so luckily this awesome roommate helped her out…

(As well as Max and Abby of course.)

And we got there in time enough to help her put a dent in situating in her new place.

…while she ate the Japanese curry Jonah had made and I had brought up, frozen, it’s Claire’s all-time favorite so hey, why not bring up a home-cooked meal, you know?

Then she had to run to work, but so grateful for a few hours with that girl.

I think this is going to be an awesome spot for Grace.

While we were loading up with stuff she needed at Walmart we ran into an Internet friend (so fun to meet Julie in real-life who has inspired me for years, she’s such a beautiful writer over HERE) and also ran into one of Grace’s best cousins:

She’s SO lucky to have these cousins up there in Provo with her! This was their “Come Follow Me” gathering the other night:

How sweet is that?

We left some good stuff in Claire’s apartment since we only got to see snippets of that girl after each game up in Salt Lake:

(Japanese curry and cookies for our traditional first day of school “cookie chat” I envisioned but that we didn’t actually get to have with either girl amidst the groceries.)

And we got to hug my sister Charity for a second when we went to get Grace’s hanger she left there:

We also got to visit Grace at work and have lunch with Max and Abby:


Back to volleyball…

I love that Claire was diligently working on homework between the games:

(this is going to be a tricky semester learning a lot of balance!)

Love that we got to run into our favorite University of Utah cheerleader:

We got these cute cousin/fans with us (as well as my parents) for the last game:

They got walloped in the games the day before but they came so close with the University of Utah, which was exciting because they are ranked pretty well.

The best fans:)

Loved meeting the coach in person:

We had talked to him on FaceTime when Claire was offered the position before (back HERE).

We even had a minute for a really quick visit with some good friends after Claire had to head back with the team and before we had to head back to the airport.

That was a fast 36 hours, but SO grateful we got to go!

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  1. I hope my question comes across as it is meant. We can see you live a very affluent life, and nothing wrong with that. I’m just wondering if you let your kids have the poor college student lifestyle, or do you pay for everything?

    1. A less passive aggressive way to ask that same question would simply be, “do your children pay for their own schooling?” or “Id love to know how much financial support you offer your kids”

  2. Every family does college finances a little differently, but growing up Dave decided he really wanted to be able to provide a college education for his kids so we do. They take care of any food and entertainment, so when we visit we like to get them a few groceries to help them out!

    Also, I emailed a couple commenters back but one of the email addresses didn’t work. Just wanted you to know I appreciated the information.

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