I’m a “multi-tasker.”

And in order to survive, I think every other mother shares that same title.

There’s no such thing as sitting at a desk making a phone call. We are doing laundry, changing a diaper, whipping up some dinner all with a baby on our hip or hanging on our leg as we talk and mop and problem-solve and kiss away tears and correct piano mistakes from the next room. When I had newborns I treasured the time I could just sit and snuggle with them as they nursed (that’s why I liked the nighttime feedings so much)…most of the time I was nursing I would be setting the table or reading a book to a toddler or cooking dinner with my other hand.

And you know what? It works. Things get done.

But multi-tasking takes on a whole new definition around Christmas.

And I’m NOT good at it.

Dave was laughing at me the other day as he watched me at my attempts to multi-task. I had probably five projects going at the same time, then I’d get distracted and start another one. All the kids were talking to me at the same time, ingredients from our neighbor gifts we were putting together were strewn across the counter, I was trying to get addresses together for Christmas cards and my darn computer kept crashing…losing all my work, the phone kept ringing, Claire was crying, Lucy was crying, I was trying to delegate dinner tasks….and none of it was getting done.

This is how my life has been lately…every single day. I feel like my feet are stuck in quick sand and I keep seeing stuff that needs to be done and can’t quite get there. (And I know most moms feel the same…except a little more on-task than me I’m sure.)

BUT, I need to remember that most days at least something gets done:…usually with the help of these guys:
And since I started writing this I crammed almost all of our stuffed and stamped Christmas cards into the big blue receptacle at the post office. And wow, life seems better.

How can it not be great when I have these guys around;…who even did their own puppet show for us the other day.

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  1. sorry its all snowballed into so much stress! i know what you mean about multi tasking gone wrong… i try to do it all the time, and for the most part it works… but there is that every once in a while when you just wanna shout- HELP!

    i hope your week gets better 🙂

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better…your WAY ahead of me!! I must say that our venture out on black Friday (which I thought was a little ridiculous at the time) seems to have paid off. I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done in that crazy line with you. Thanks for being such great company!!

  3. Yes Kara that Black Friday shopping trip is gonna save me. Because that’s the only thing I’ve done as far as Christmas gifts so far! I’m thanking my lucky stars that Julie knew the ropes…And that you guys all made it bearable!

  4. I feel the same way this week! I started off this month going week by week, and now I’m surviving day by day with a big notebook of lists! And what are you putting in those cutest jars ever? That looks like such a great gift!

  5. You know how I feel 🙂

    I took inventory of what’s been purchased so far – thinking I would have so much I need to go and get. Turns out…I’m good.
    Take inventory– you might be further along?????? That is, unless you are organized and know what you have 🙂

  6. I know about the nursing…it is amazing what you can do with a baby at the b@@b! But, I have to remind myself to stop and nurse just her without reading a story to another, etc. I am even sometimes getting her up again at midnight when I finally go to bed just to nurse her and have alone time since she sleeps all night (plus the doc says she needs to put on more weight so I am trying extra feedings.)

    It is amazing how we do so much to get stuff done for others (neighbor treats, cards, gifts, etc.) and then my personal family “stuff” crumbles! LOL!

    You are still my hero. oh – Molly took pictures for me (learning to use her camera) and she did a great job! Sure, lots of blurry ones and odd lighting but a few gems. It takes time but she loved coming to your class and getting a start.

  7. I wish I was your neighbor so I could get a cute jar of cookie mix!
    I think we are all feeling the same way right now…I just got done writting a post on almost the same exact thing.
    So at least we might feel better knowing we are not alone in feeling this way! 🙂

  8. Shawni! Where did you get those puppets?! They are darling.

    I hear you on the quicksand. I felt that way up until Monday when I finished my last photoshoot, sent in my Christmas cards, closed accounts and ordered some last gifts online.

    My goal for next year is to slow down. Which means let go of the stuff that makes my life crazy. With so many little ones, that means photography. So, in two years, when Henry is in preschool, I’ll pick it back up. But for now, I hope that helps me breathe easier.

    You’re the best. Wish I was one of your neighbors. Those gifts are darling!

  9. Every time I visit your blog I am struck by what an amazing mother you are. I love the little glimpses of your life that you share with us all. I hope your children know how lucky they are to have you!

  10. What amazing neighborhood gifts and of course ADORABLE kids! Lenna just told me at a lunch yesterday that after a few years their neighborhood gifts got a bit our of hand with time and effort, not to mention money. They’ve decided to have one Christmas dinner with everyone involved and give the money they would have spent on those wonderful gifts to a good cause. They rotate houses every year and the person whose house it is at decides where to give the money. Our neighborhood doesn’t even do the dinner…just gives a check to the person in charge that year for a good cause. Just a thought for next year…although those gifts are SO fun and there’s always something else to “multitask”.

    Sure love you and can’t wait to see you in three days!

  11. at least Dave was laughing…
    Jeremy started complaining about threads last Saturday…I’m making “Sunbeam Survival Kits” for next years class all while helping with homework, wiping noses, gathering Nutcrakcer make-up for Ruby….Motherhood!

  12. What cute pictures Shawni!! I love your kids–what sweethearts to help out so much. Your Christmas card is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much! I feel your pain regarding getting things done. I haven’t even wrapped one present. Oh well, hopefully it will happen one of these days. Take care and Merry Christmas!! Darcy

  13. Those little cookie jars are gorgeous! Usually when I am too busy whatever I am making turns out not looking too great! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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