Thats right, TWENTY-FIVE.

To commemorate the big day I’m putting some pictures up here.

Because he loves that kind of stuff.

Anything to be in the spotlight.

HA!! Sorry Max, this is how I celebrate. But I’m posting about Claire’s graduation today too so you don’t have to be in the spotlight for too long.

Looking through pictures of this boy growing up has me all melancholy wishing I could still snuggle that little guy…and also has me so GRATEFUL that he’s mine.

From the time he was all hyped about his train set:

…to birthday parties:

To all those sports days (he tried all of them!):

And sported these gigantic headphones while doing homework:

He has always made me so proud to be his mama.

Gracious gift receiver.

Funny things that kids made up at school when technology was still so new:

He makes good choices.

Best big brother:

Has his own sense of style. (check out that t-shirt on the right above, and also below…)

One funny story about style…there was this cute girl he was trying to meet (or maybe his mother was trying to get him to meet), and he happened to run into her the day he had made himself a baseball cap out of duct tape.

I’m sure she was super impressed:)

He was a good sport about us whisking him away to live in China for his senior year of high school (at least most of the time!):

He’s not afraid to work hard.

Chose the greatest companion:

…who still shares him with his mama.

Dear Max, I love you more than you can ever know, until you have your own towering 25-year-old son one day. Then maybe you’ll know a portion of how much a parent can love.

Love, Mom

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  1. It’s so true what you said at the end. I remember shortly after my daughter was born (I’m 26 and just have one little so far) turning to my mom and saying something along the lines of, “I think I finally understand how much you love me. I had no idea it was THIS much. I didn’t know my heart could feel THIS MUCH.” And now that she’s 2 and I love her more every day, I can’t imagine what it will feel like when she’s 25. Or what it will feel like to have my heart opened for the next child . . . I imagine that it will probably be like it was with her–I didn’t really fully understand until it happened. Maybe once another one comes then I’ll understand how I’ll be able to love two or three or more the same way I love my first.

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