When my little brother Tal lived close-by here in the desert he made my kids’ eyes sparkle.

I remember one day, specifically, where he was hanging out at our house.  I walked in the kitchen to find him telling a story to my children, their eyes were glued to him in admiration and awe.

I remember my heart stopping for some reason right there.  Time froze for a fraction of a second and this most wonderful feeling came over me thinking of that brother of mine with his future kids.

Oh boy he was going to make a good Dad.  I envisioned him with a whole gaggle of them in tow, oh boy they would be some lucky kids.

He always had some great insight about our kids that he would share with Dave and me.  He called them “little pups.”  And they adored the ground he walked on.  (Still do, but we don’t see him in such a personal way on a regular basis these days, gosh darn it!)

Time has marched on and they have all grown up so much, my kids and my brother.

He moved to New York City and soon met the lovely Anita. They fell in love and our family then fell in love with her too.  Whole-heartedly.  She is the perfect match for Tal.  They got married right in the city (a post about their wedding is HERE…it was one of my favorites ever), and became a dynamic duo in every way.

Anita is smart, sophisticated, accomplished, open-minded, and well-traveled. There’s just something powerful about those two…
The attributes that I appreciate most about Anita are her kindness to everyone she meets and her amazing love, patience, and dedication as a wife and a mother. She has a beautiful way of bringing her unique upbringing into discussions and consistently gets those around her to think about different perspectives.

Before long those two added a baby girl to their family.

And oh boy, she has brought a lot of light to the world :).
Love these three, who love each other dearly and have a pretty wonderful bond.

They lived in that bustling city (NYC) for a few years but always had their sights set on moving back to Switzerland (where Anita was born and raised).  And where there’s a will, there’s a way.  After a few years of looking, Tal finally found a great job over there in the spring of this year and they left the clamoring city life to live in the Swiss Alps.  
They cannot get enough of their new life there.

It is all a dream come true except for one thing:

They want to grow their family.  They have tried valiantly for a few years but after three miscarriages and three failed IVF cycles, they have come to the sad realization (with help from a few doctors), that it is highly unlikely for them to have another biological child.  Since then, they have moved their efforts whole-heartedly to adoption. They have decided to do a U.S. domestic adoption as U.S. citizens living abroad – so the entire adoption process will take place in the U.S. They have completed their “Home Study” which qualifies them to adopt and they are now undergoing the daunting task of searching for the right fit.

My heart is aching to help them find a baby who needs them.

And oh how lucky that baby will be!  And how blessed that cherished daughter of theirs will be to share their love with a sibling.

I know there is a pretty wonderful network of deliberate mothers who read this blog.  I get so many emails from moms who are trying to make a difference in the world.  And the help that poured in when I asked for advice on Elle’s summer internship last summer (HERE), blew me away.  The family who took her under their wing in London was the very most perfect fit for her we could have ever asked for (more about them HERE).

I feel like with this network WE together can help these two, and a baby (or babies!) to find the right fit through the miracle of adoption. 

So I’m putting all this out there (with Tal and Anita’s permission) to help them search.  For more about their story (and also some pretty great recommendations from my siblings and others) check out their adoption profile HERE.

They would so appreciate any leads you could send their way to familylookingtoadopt@gmail.com.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and theirs) in advance.



  1. Just a thought, because we didn't think about it at first when we started the adoption process. There are thousands of foster children in the US who need adoptive homes. We were blessed to be able to adopt twin boys who were foster children. It has been a very difficult journey for us. However, it has also been a wonderful journey. I will say that special needs adoption of foster children is not for everyone. It is very challenging to suddenly become a parent to a child with an established personality, who has been exposed to drugs, alcohol, abuse, and neglect. But there is nothing like putting them to bed at night and realizing that they are safe and happy when the alternative is so terrible. Like I said, it is not for everyone, but it is something to consider. Good luck to your brothers' family, regardless of the path that they choose.

  2. I love adoption! But it can be such a rollercoaster so I wish them all the best. We ended up adopting our four children through foster care. It has been the biggest blessing. There have also been many challenges, but I wouldn't change it and they are all worth it. There are so many different adoption paths and stories. All I know is that the right children come to your home (eventually! It can be a long road), it all works out, and adoption blesses the lives of everyone involved. I truly wish them the best!

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