I don’t want to lop side this blog about Lucy or this book, but if I took a pie graph of the activities going on in life right now, these two things would take up a humongous chunk of it. So even though I’ve got stuff running through my head all the time about all the other things I want to capture and write down, these two topics are kind of “in my face” right now.

And I feel especially inclined to write these things right now because guess what? I have a CAUSE. And I’ve always wanted to have a cause. Because having a cause means you’re giving back. With so many prayers and good thoughts and even kind gifts coming our way I’ve had a heavy conscience about finding SOME way to give back.

Here it is:

Lucy qualified for Foundation for Blind Children a couple weeks ago. That is a cause for serious celebration around here. Because FBC (Foundation for Blind Children) is an amazing organization and they are all about helping Lu. We’ve started going to their Monday clinics (music therapy and sensory integration, etc.), and last week we got approved to have one of their physical therapists do home visits to work with Lucy (our other PT went on maternity leave). She’s already changing the way we do things around here. FBC even has an outstanding preschool Lucy may go to some day. Dave and I debate over whether we’d want to set her apart like that, but they teach braille and all that there and we figure why not give her every advantage we possibly can for when/if she loses more vision?

Anyway, since Dave and I have been trying to figure out a way to give back in life, we decided finding a way to give to this organization would be a great cause. And this book that my Mom and I wrote gives us the perfect vehicle for donation.


Because we can give a portion of the proceeds to this great organization. It’s particularly fitting since Lu graces the cover of the book. Of course, my sweet Mom is totally on board. In fact, I think she actually had the initial idea.

We also want to give some proceeds to the Foundation for Fighting Blindness because they have done so many things to promote research on all kinds of rare degenerative eye diseases. And we want other people in our same situation to benefit from the information they provide just as we have.

So, of course, now that we really have a cause we want to get the word out.

As fast as we can.

And we feel like the best way to do that is to spread the word through blogs. Because I swear these things are like magic sometimes.

So many people have asked what they could do to help with Lucy. And all I can say at this point is that it would help a great deal to have any help we can get to get the word out about the book so we can in turn donate more to these causes. If you feel like you’d like to write something on your own blog to spread the word please do. We’d appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. And so would the good folks over at FBC. They have been so gracious and even wrote up a little blurb about the book on their site when I told them we wanted to donate some of our proceeds to them.

This great blog called Mormon Mommy Blogs has been so great to help spread the word. They put a “guest post” from me on there today. Thanks you guys!

I’ve heard another way to spread the word is through Facebook. I need to figure that out because I’m not great at Facebook. But if anyone out there is a big Facebook person and you want to put something up about this book or the cause, go for it!

One other favor you can do is write reviews for the book here or here or here if you have already read it and if you like it. They say those reviews on the online sites really do make a difference and we want especially Barnes & Noble and Amazon to have a little push to stock the book more.

Ok, I feel like a salesman. Sorry. But I want to get the word out about these causes. As I sat in the music circle at FBC this morning and looked around at all the kids getting such great help through this organization I almost got a little teary-eyed. Because having a child lose his/her vision is scary. I know that first hand and Lu has only lost a little. I can’t even describe the horrible feeling that enveloped Dave and me when we realized that Lucy couldn’t see at night…and then that she would probably lose her vision at some point in life. And remembering those feelings made my heart ache for all these other parents who are struggling through so many of the same things…except their heart ache must be even more heightened because many of these kids were born blind or have countless other delays to go along with their already quite apparent vision loss.

So, the bottom line is that I have a cause I’m excited about and I want to spread the word.

I have added buttons on my sidebar for people to go directly to these organizations’ sites if you want to donate without buying the book. Feel free to copy these buttons onto your blog too if you’d like.

Thank you for all the support and love! We feel the prayers and good will coming our way. And we can’t thank you enough.

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  1. Shawni,
    I want to cry right now. I am so happy you found FBC. I thought about them when I read Lucys diagnosis, but didn’t think she would qualify. These are the amazing people that got me through the first 5 years of Emmies life. They are AMAZING and I am so happy that you chose them for your cause. You couldn’t of picked better people. Emmie goes there every year for summer school too. I am sure they will help you so much. You will make such a difference and Lucy is SO LUCKY to have you as her mom. I bought many copies of your book and am half way through and I am loving it. You truly are inspirational. Thank you for wanting to make a difference in the life of a special needs child. You will be more than blessed. Tiff xoxo

    btw… people want to hear about Lucy. Keep writing!

  2. Shawni,
    I really enjoyed your book and I loved the photographs! Can you please tell me what kind of camera you use?
    Amber Davidson

  3. Tiffany, I think you can just copy and paste those buttons on my side bar. I think just right click to copy and then put them into your html thing on your blog. Let me know if you need help. I’ll add this to the body of this post so people will know they’re welcome to take them. I’m so glad to hear FBC helped you too!

  4. Shawni,

    Not that I have a huge fan base of readers, but I made sure this was something I talked about. I love your family so much. If you ever need me for anything, let me know! You can even call me to babysit. I would love to see your children again.

  5. Gosh we just love your family, you inspire us soooo much! You and your family are so amazing and give strength and hope, you deserve all the blessings in the world! We miss you and cant wait to see you again!

  6. Shawni,
    I don’t have a blog but I do have a Facebook page, I could start a group there if no one has started it. Let me know I am happy to do whatever i can! I already bought my book and wrote a review on Amazon and posted it on another site too. I will add it to Barnes and Noble’s site tonight. I am also sending a little note to some of my friend’s husbands tomorrow as a suggestion for an extra mother’s day gifts. I absolutely LOVE the book and have been talking about!

    Let me know about the Facebook thing!


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