…and my sister made him this awesome slide show.

Just had to share because I loved it.  Made me cry.

Love this Dad of mine so much!  Thanks for the great video Saren!

And happy, happy, happy birthday Dad!

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  1. I have never had the pleasure of meeting your dad (yet).
    However, from reading your and your siblings' blogs as well as your parents' books, I am sure he is a very special man, who is very inspirational and contributes a lot to those around him and to society at large.
    May he be blessed with many happy returns.

  2. What a great video. When I see the pictures of your parents when they are younger I see your siblings and even some of their Grandkids in them. What a great thing to have, your Dad seems like a great guy.

  3. what an awesome video! I think your dad hasn't changed a bit from when he was younger. I love that he was so happy and playful then and now he seems the same way! I loved seeing your family get larger and larger and older and older. What a priceless treasure! (I'm going start taking more pictures of my kids and their wonderful dad to document these amazing years with little ones).

  4. I was just reading on Lds.org about the 1964 world's fair in NYC. It mentioned that your dad served as a missionary at the Mormom pavillion. I'd like to say a big thank you to your dad and any other missionary serving there. This is where my grandma and mom (age 12) and her siblings discovered the church. They were a little Italian/Irish family from NJ, seeking something more. My grandmother died not long after, but we are so grateful for the generations effected by the spirit at the 1964 world fair.

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