I’m a little late-on-the-draw for Father’s Day but I can’t resist posting a few pictures of my Dad to commemorate that great day.

I love my Dad.

I love his enthusiasm for life.

I love that he’s not afraid to dream big.

I love that he beats to his own drum and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

He’s a builder.

 …of our hearts and souls…and of a log cabin up in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.

So he taught us to be builders too.

He’s a deliberate parent.

I love this sign someone took a picture of that was posted on my brother’s door for a while growing up.

…and let’s not forget this deliberate video he made that shows the tip of the iceberg of how deliberate he really was (and is).

And now he’s become the world’s most deliberate grandparent.

He’s a horseman.

And he is working hard to teach all his grandkids to love those horses too.

 He’s a story-teller.  He can keep people old and young completely captivated for a long time.

And as he tells stories he teaches.

He’s always teaching.

He’s a pied piper…always with something new to show the kids.
…with a BIG imagination.
Right here he is taking these guys on a little trip to “Narnia.”
…and here he is speaking “horse” to get the horses to come eat.

He’s a supporter.
In everything from tennis to life-time goals.

He’s a grandchild-delighter.
He’s always up for an adventure.  One example…decided to sleep in our house before it was done.  

Another example: taking his whole family to Peru to dig water-wells.  You name it, he’s up for it.

He’s an imaginer.

…and a listener.

He’s a dreamer.

He has BIG dreams.  And he’s taught us to have them too (here).

And because he’s a thinker:

…and a planner, he accomplishes all those lofty dreams.
I’m just so grateful to call him mine.

Love you forever, Dad!

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  1. These pictures of your dad–they are such treasures for your family. You really captured him. What a guy. What a gift to have a dad like that!

  2. Wow! This needs to be a book on our coffee table! Fantastic pictures! Thanks so much for taking the time to round up these pictures and these thoughts and make his day….and mine! I'm a pretty lucky woman to have this crazy guy who just happens to be one of the great dads/grandfathers of the world!

  3. You are so incredibly blessed to have a father like that. Every picture that you take of him you can see his happiness and wonderful energy radiating off of him. I can understand your pride in calling him your father and I really wish there were more fathers like him out there. 🙂

  4. I recently was at my daughter's gymnastics (in Fresno, Ca), and saw a woman reading The Entitlement Trap. It made me go, "Ahh! I read their daughter's blog!" and I felt some weird joy from it. And it convinced me I ought to get that book too…Happy Father's Day to your great dad!

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