…and I’m loving it!

Grace came home with this beautiful art work she used to create her pottery in her clay class:

It was all inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe.
I thought it was all so beautiful.
I love the things she has created this year.
Here’s the process for one of them:
…and the results:
So pretty.
Claire and her friend have been working on some painting projects for a little “quote business” they want to start.

I loved seeing them with all the paints out “creating” the other day.
And that they did little photoshoots of what they created too…complete with Bo as an accidental art admirer.
She even got busy with those paints for a sweet Mother’s Day gift:
Love them.
I could go on and on with the way Lucy’s artist mind works, but for now here’s her “artful” Mother’s Day card:

I love how her mind works to create, cutting and glueing and all the grids and colors she uses.

And then there’s Elle.

She had to take a sketching class for her major and was NOT looking forward to it.

At first she really struggled.  But she’s worked her tail off and is now sending pictures of things like these:

She worked from pencil sketching to pen…which I know is HARD.

And then on to charcoal.

I personally think this one is quite fabulous:

I mean seriously, that hair and the shadow in the water and the light depicted?  
There’s another one she just did in charcoal of a wave in the ocean that is really quite amazing as well, but I can’t find it in my pictures right now…I’ll have to post it soon.
There’s something about creating that does something good for your soul.
And I’m so glad these girls are all creating so much beauty in their own ways.


  1. Beautiful on all counts! My daughter loves anything artistic and it's been interesting because my artistic side ends at stick figures. 😊 I love seeing what she comes up with.

    Are you willing to share what Elle is up to this summer? Will she be staying in Hawaii? Just curious. 😊

  2. Ooh that's beautiful.. wow.
    I'd love to know what summer plans are too.. I saw your mom's comment on graces IG pic About her summer internship. . Can you share. . I love that they get to do something fun and learn valuable lessons

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