I took the girls on an impromptu photoshoot (like we did last year) the other day. There was no talking Max into it this time around, darn it! I did, however, rope Josh along who served as the keep-the-sun-out-of-the-lens-with-your-hand guy. (Thanks Josh!) Once again, I told them to just wear whatever they wanted. Didn’t get quite as crazy results this time around.

I loved this place…this lighting…these girls.

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  1. Shawni-

    Oh my goodness!!! Those pictures with Lu and the carriage are to die for!!! Please tell me you will bring it to our photo shoot next month for Nora.

    I love your girls, your photography, and especially YOU!!

  2. Shawni you are so talented! It also doesn’t hurt that your girls are to die for beautiful! I love to just sit and look at all your photos. Where did you do this photoshoot?

  3. Gotta love that lighting!! GORGEOUS! I’m so wishing I had little girls to take pictures of. It has to be funner!
    So did you get that lens?
    BTW, those baby thighs are so scrumptious I can’t stand it!!

  4. What a treasure of pictures you have. You always seem to amaze me with your talent. Adorable girls and love all the green around. Looks like you had perfect lighting.

  5. Oh my gosh I love the one of Lucy in the carriage! Could she be any cuter!
    I can’t believe all the girls you had at the Fashion Show party! You guys out there in Arizona have enormous parties… How fun though! I can’t wait to have girl parties…looks like they all had a blast. I love the floating cake too! She is gorgeous! You are going to have to watch out because your going to have boys circling your house!! 🙂
    I wish I could go to your photo classes!

  6. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls. That one of Lucy with the flowers all around her and the sun glinting off her hair…ahhhh I’m lovin it! I’ve always thought those fields would be good for photoshoots. Really cool.

  7. I love the picture of Lucy in the baby carriage. It made me smile. Your little baby is growing up!

    You have such a talent and I love how you capture the moments. You can tell just by looking at your girls how much they love each other. These images are pure bliss. It’s life as we want remember it and your photographs capture that everytime.

  8. WOW!!! These pictures are amazing! How do you catch that light?! I really am going to have to find out! And what beautiful girls! Claire’s choice of outfit cracked me up 😉 Too cute.

  9. So adorable!! I love those ones of Lucy with the little stroller. The lighting is awesome!! I’m telling you…if you feel the urge to come to Utah and teach a photo lighting class, I can get so many to attend it. Love the pictures!!!!

  10. I love this light! I would pay a million for this type of light when I go to shoot my girls outdoors. It’s beaaaautiful. Like honey. Gorgeous job.

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