This post is to offer other moms of spitfire daughters hope.

Because phew! Kids can be a handful sometimes, and this girl was one of those handfuls.

But as I spent the morning looking through pictures of her growing up I was overwhelmed first of all by how quickly the years have flown by.

And second by how this little lady has matured and grown over the years. From her reflux and colic days to her high-energy girlhood to this glowing mature woman who makes me think and is kind and puts others first.

Let’s just reminisce for a little minute here.

She delighted us from the very beginning.

With her big personality and twinkling eyes.

This girl has so many qualities that are exceptional, and it is so fun to watch her grow into who she is.

I love that she’s carefully chosen (and accepted) things that have pushed her in so many ways.

From student council and all the responsibilities there:

To two different summers spent in China, working to teach darling kids English:

To heading away for college:

To her mission forging such a new path surrounded by the best people (missionaries and the people she got to teach/serve with).

(She gets to live with two of those three up there in the Fall):

I love that she embraced that experience with the ups and downs of covid, and fell right in love with it.

I love her ability to “see.”

To see others in need. And to dig in and help.

To see what needs to be done to help.

To see beautiful truths of the gospel, and to see how beautifully they interweave themselves into her life to strengthen her relationship with Jesus.

To see her sisters. Her brother. Her dad, Her mom. Her friends. And give them each boosts in her own unique way.

I just feel so lucky that she’s my very own daughter.

Who teaches me more every day.

Love you forever Grace Jam! Happy 21st!

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  1. I definitely needed that encouragement today! Thank you! Being a parent of a teen girl who is a bit of a handful right now it helps to hear from others that it just might turn out okay. I love how Grace has grown and is an example to others and even to those she might not even have met in person…just here on the internet. We could all use some of that light and hope and encouragement! Thank you for keeping it real!

  2. Oh my goodness in that second picture she is your twin! Happy birthday to her and best wishes for a great summer before back to school!

  3. I absolutely love those adorable little chubby toddler legs!!! What a little sweetheart. You have so much to be proud of, raising such wonderful kids! When I see so many kids getting addicted to drugs and crime and hate, I’m thankful that parents like you are doing it right!

  4. Did you have any of your girls involved in girl drama and “ mean girl” we are just in this and would love some advice.

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