After about six months of deliberation on which fabric to use, and another few for the actual labor of it, we finally got our new chair for the living room.
This local guy here made it for me. He just copied it from a magazine picture I brought to him.

I love it.

So now our living room looks like this:(The original “before and afters” of this room are here. And because some have asked, the paint is “Silver Fox” from Dunn Edwards.)

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  1. It's so beautiful! The style of the chair is gorgeous, as well as the color of the fabric. I also love it with the pretty blue on the walls.

  2. Shawni…I just might need his number! I have a bed that I want made. Like REALLY bad…and I just don't want to pay Horchow prices 🙂 If you have a sec…could you share it?

    Thanks! BTW…LOVE the chair! Green just happens to be my FAVORITE color!!!

  3. Shawni,
    I found your site via Saren (she and i were on study abroad in london back when we were 19!) and I've been really enjoying looking through your photography. Nice work! Those Duke photos are awesome!
    I love this room of yours. Fabulous new chair and I have to ask you about the paint color. Would you share what color that is–if you remember? I'm looking at redoing my colors in my home and want to get a blue I like. This looks divine! Please share if you would. Enjoying your posts, Lesli Streets

  4. Fabulous! Who wouldn't want to practice piano there for hours? I think side chairs are so tricky…lovely color and scale for the room!

  5. Looks amazing! You are a genius. I have never seen so beautiful home chairs. They fit very well and became an indispensable part of your interior. If you need to choose some other types if chair, read my blog. I also sort of addicted.

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