This is good. Builds muscle strength AND serious cardio.

I’m so glad it came along because man alive, no offense to Tony from P90X, but I’m ready to break up with him.

post edit: I’m really not breaking up with Tony…I still like P90X, but this new one is a breath of fresh air, and man alive is it ever tough. I’m not sure how but I want to incorporate both plus a little Jillian…we’ll see how it goes.


  1. My husband and I do this and have had awesome results….in fact, he is doing a triathlon as I'm typing this!! We love it and it takes so much less time than P90x which makes it something I can fit in with the kids too!

  2. I bet you would love Crossfit! I love in Hickory, NC and do it here and it is the best! I am sure they have one near you.

  3. My P90X went back…as in, P-NO-X. I enjoy Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, and I love that it's short. Thanks for recommending Insanity. I'll have to check it out!

  4. Hey there! I've been out of town, well, out of town for me, IN town for you, for the last little bit and haven't checked blogs. I just want to say I LOVE BLOGS! I love all the great ideas I get, the reminders I get, and the great "friends" I feel like I've made.
    Love it!
    Working out, not so much. I'm trying, though… ☺

  5. KR, although I'm ready for a little break from Tony, I'm still keeping him in my back pocket. But you should totally get P90X…It' is an awesome workout.

    Tara, I'll definitely look into Crossfit. Since I'm not going to a gym these days I need to have some good variety!

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