When I mentioned in my “summer goals” post last week that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew it’s because things like this nightstand exist in my life. I put one book on top of another and tell myself “I must read that right away!” And then it sits there getting dusty.

It’s a symbol of my life. I have great intentions. I stack up so many “books” of what I think we can do and then I get frustrated that it would be impossible to follow through with all those things. Just as I can’t read all those books in one night, I can’t start a new family tradition every week. We simply can’t travel the whole world in one summer no matter how much I dream of it. As much as I want to develop the greatest relationships with every one of my children it won’t happen in one day. I have to take baby steps.

I hope that I do not make is seem like we are just a well-oiled machine over here where children march to do exactly what I ask and it is all rainbows and butterflies. We have all sorts of kinks. But we are working on it. Little by little.

And we are enjoying the journey along the way as much as possible.

…As long as Lucy isn’t crying… 🙂

There are some good books in there I hope I get to this summer! But I need to remind myself I don’t need to read them all at once.

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  1. Thats why i love this blog, because you can say when things have been crazy, and you made a mistake, or just had a really bad 'door slamming' day!! I think you have things together more than most moms, and i you need to give yourself more credit! hah, and thats what i love too, it inspires me!!
    I have a ton of books to get through too!!!

  2. I am the same way with books. When I'm able to get over to the library without my kiddos I always get a stack of books and end up renewing half of them, thinking I'll read them all. haha. 🙂 I think I should just get 1 and read it, right? 🙂
    by the way, I LOVE the love and logic books!! those are great. 🙂

  3. So fun, I just posted my favorite books and my nightstand too is overflowing, with a few of the same. Have a wonderful time in Bear Lake!

  4. I am so with you…looks like my nightstand…and piano…and desk…

    I'm so sorry Lucy is so unhappy. I have two kids on the autism spectrum and they are unhappy a lot, too. It's hard on the family (especially mom) to continue to be so patient – they hurt so much and we hurt for them. And, we try to read books and blogs to pick up any tidbits we can to help make it even a little better. One day at a time….

  5. You do a great job of balancing the good with the bad in you blog. And don't worry, you don't come off pretentious or like your life is perfect. Just that you are trying and working on deliberate parenting. Something I admire very much.

    In fact the two things I have gleaned from your blog are to be more deliberate in my parenting choices and "Life is long." And boy, it makes life a whole lot better when we try hard to do right, but forgive ourselves when we fall a little short.

  6. I know that a lot of people say the kindle just isn't the same as reading a hard copy book, BUT that is why I LOVE my kindle, because that is what my nightstand looked like, but NOW I have ALL those books in my purse AND take them on vacation, but it doesn't weigh 50lbs like it use to. I love it. I get SO much more reading done because I always have something.

    Looking for your book via kindle…hint hint. 🙂

  7. Thanks for this post. I've been so frustrated lately that I can't get everything done that I'd like to. Thanks for the great example and the reminder to take it a little at a time.

  8. "The Hiding Place" Soooo good. And her books after that. Read em with your kids. Wow…do we ever have it GOOD in our time and country! I've read that story a few times…just to get a dose of gratitude and perspective. All of the sudden whatever I am facing…isn't so tough any more.

  9. Thank you for making me feel better about my crazy life. Also, I read "The Hiding Place" with Corrie Ten Boom in High School….AMAZING! A testimony builder for sure! I have often thought of some of the things she went through (walking past the soliders…you will read it…chill bumps galore!) and remembering her faith has helped me gain more myself.

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