Ok, my girls did such a great job with their list of gift ideas filled with their favorite things, I decided I better whip one together as well.

I just love having ideas of things to buy so I can wrap up all that Christmas gift gathering early and be able to truly immerse myself in the season.

And really, if I get started early enough, that gift-giving becomes my favorite part of the season.

So here we go, just a few things I love that you or your friends or your kids may love too!

52 Modern Manners For Today’s Teens

One of my very favorite gift ideas!

As a mom, there is a finite amount of times you can nag your kids about manners before they tune you out,
am I right?
So I cannot say enough about how much I love Brooke Romney’s “manners” books.
They sit on our counter and are filled with such great wisdom that somehow comes so much better
from an “expert” rather than from the mom:)
Also, she has thought of so many things I have never thought to sit down and actively teach my kids.
Things that are really important like “watch your body language” and “be a great houseguest,” and “state your name.”

Sits on your counter like this:

52 Modern Manners For Today’s Teens Volume 2

And just when you thought Brooke had covered all the manners, she came up with 52 more ideas!
Seriously, I cannot say enough good about these books.
The idea is to read one and discuss before Lucy leaves for school or at dinnertime.

Magnesium Supplement

This seems like kind of a silly “gift idea” but you know when you hear about something and
then everyone seems to know about it? My sister recommended this a while back when
I wasn’t sleeping very well, and then I heard these puppies have all kinds
of other health benefits so I’m hooked.

Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

Another favorite thing because you guys! I am getting so much gray!
I love this spray because I can touch up my roots and go so much longer before I have to color my hair again.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

My hair is needing some extra TLC these days and this stuff helps so much!
You leave it in for as long as you can (on towel-dried hair) and rinse, and it makes my hair
so much softer and healthy-feeling.

Veja Womens Sneaker

I wear these every single day. I bought them a long time ago and they have gone up in price,
but maybe worth it if you might wear them every single day like I do!

(I’d love other suggestions on every-day shoes if anyone has them!)

Madewell Purse

A few people asked for a link to this awesome purse I used for years. Now I’ve switched to another one at Madewell, but I think every bag from there is so awesome. I love this one (and the new version I have that’s much like it), because it’s just big enough for a few things, and not big enough to collect a bunch of junk:)

A Place for Us Novel

For any book lover, THIS IS THE BEST BOOK.
One of my very favorites ever.

So many more book ideas in the little links at the top of this blog where it says “favorite books.”

Christmas Day in the Morning

When my kids were little we read a Christmas story under the Christmas tree each night leading up to Christmas.
This one is my favorite.
Makes me cry every time.

More favorite Christmas books over HERE.

Ok, there’s a few gift ideas. Hope it helps!

Sending out lots of love this cyber Monday!

*I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I get a small commission through these links, but know that I only ever recommend things that are tried and true, and hope the ideas help you in your Christmas shopping! XOXO

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  1. Thankyou so much for doing this!! Such great ideas. When you did your favorite things post a few years back you talked about a purse that you loved. I ended up getting that purse and have loved it as well. So Thankyou again for all of the GREAT suggestions. I hope you and your girls will continue on with this fun tradition from year to year. : )

  2. Thank you!!
    And to reiterate what Jen said – I also got the madewell purse you previously recommended!! It’s held up so well! I love tried and true recs like these.

  3. A Place For Us is one of my all time favorite books. I’m always trying to talk my book clubs into reading it, hopefully this will be the year they choose it.

  4. Great list! I’m adding that novel to my wish list now. 🙂 Can you re-share the Madewell purse people are mentioning if it’s still available?

    1. I’m so sorry I’m just now coming back to this! I just linked up above, I know now too late for Christmas (I’m the worst!) but maybe a new year’s gift?? Ha! It really is such a great purse! XOXO

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