Last week was Senior Night for this girl of mine.

And my question is, how did she go from this:

And this:

And this:

To this:

And this:

In the very blink of an eye?????

I am getting teary even writing this down.

All of us senior moms were a little melancholy getting set up for that big night….and it was a LOT of work I tell you!

I don’t know whether to thank or be frustrated with whichever mom started this over-the-top Senior Night tradition of tables spilling over with memories and pictures, huge blankets with the player’s face all huge on there (ha!), the crowns, the announcing, the tears, the notes and gifts.


But man, these five seniors were so grateful for every speck of it:

After being in the volleyball program for four years, always putting in so much work to honor the seniors who went before them, it was fun to honor them and all the hard work they have put in as athletes.

Let’s get a closer look at that labor-of-love table just for good measure.


Between JV and varsity games they announced all the seniors individually.

Here’s Claire ready to go:

(and Dave and I apparently very serious about something or other:)

When each player was announced, they walked out with their families under a huge balloon arch, the dads crowned their daughters:

And the announcer told all kinds of things about them as they went around the horseshoe of every girl in the volleyball program to give hugs and tear up.

Love these incredible coaches!

Hallelujah that Claire’s eye was a little better after mysteriously puffing up to epic proportions earlier in the week.

And hallelujah that we swept the other team in three (after two tough losses that week).

Fun to have these supporters in the audience:

And so fun to watch those girls have so much fun out there on the court:

Have I mentioned before how much I love volleyball? Ha!

I know I’m biased, but it is the best sport.

One mom picture before we took everything down, love these ladies:

Back home to unpack all that stuff!

It probably goes without saying that all of this was hard on my mama heart. And on Claire’s too. Neither of us want any of this to end. But man alive, it’s been a good ride!

Love these girls and how they have built and lifted and WORKED hard together this season. It’s been so fun watching them all grow!

On to the play-offs next week!

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  1. What an amazing and fun send off for those seniors! Congrats to your daughter for all the hard work she’s put into her team!

  2. I am jealous. Everyone wears a mask by order of governor in my state inside the high school, even though most inside the building are vaccinated. It’s nice to get back to normal with events and activities.

    1. Yes it is so nice that we can gather. I so hope things continue to move forward safely, especially where you live.

  3. Congratulations! Your daughter has such a bright, joyful smile! I love those action shots of her hard work and effort… makes me want to put my younger daughter in volleyball, such a fun game!! So happy for this year for her… it’s going to be a great one reminiscing on all that she’s accomplished and shared!! Time flies so fast for sure!! It’s so fleeting and so precious!!! I’ve been thinking about how fast time passes as my own kids grow, as I always wonder what more I could do/if I’ve done enough/if I could do things differently, and as two of my dearest friends from High school and college are both dying of cancer… I’ve been thinking how short life is and how fast it whizzes by!!! Life is so crazy! Life is so beautiful!! Life is so precious!! Relationships are the most important thing ever!! I’m sure those seniors feel so loved and celebrated!! As a side comment… When you wrote “over-the-top” I thought, here here!! Ha ha! Those posters are like what we’d see at an NBA game… incredible!! Wow! I bet they felt like a million bucks!! So awesome!!
    I think it’s wonderful that you are rallying these seniors!! They will NEVER forget that special night and this wonderful time in High school!! The pics of those posters and your “over the top thought” wonder of what mom started that just continue my thought process of late… This is not a thought directed at you personally at all…We’ve been reflecting on Pres. Uchtdorf’s message from 2020 on a video I saw about how Covid has taught us that we don’t have to do things like we used to, and that we can let go of some things and do them differently … he was speaking about missionary work but we’ve been thinking about it in other areas too… I think one of the reasons we have some kids growing up w/ huge amounts of prescription meds, and text groups in which they cheat and share answers openly on tests or have their parents pay for their exam scores is because we set them up for expectations they can’t reach… we have this vision of the highest of perfection in front of them and give them everything to get there, and they don’t have to work for it… so they don’t. They cheat, they rely, they think their best isn’t good enough because they have to meet some unrealistic over the top expectation. And so as they try to climb that ladder they secretly freak out or give up. Sometimes I feel like there are these expected traditions and norms with a lot of unneeded glitter and hype that sets a standard that isn’t always necessary to keep up with!! Why not change the tradition!? Give another mom/leader a breather next year, and try something new… I know… then you think those kids that come next for them… it will be such a let down!! When really it might be just as awesome if they didn’t have the line up the year before to compare to!! ha ha!! We set this precedence when sometimes we just need down time! Kudos to whoever lets go of some of those things… I’m hesitant to say that because that is not for you personally, it’s a thought I have in general sometimes… like the expectation to do a Trunk or Treat each year… in which no one really interacts, they just chase their children… I’ve resolved that it’s really just for the kids, and that’s good enough reason to do it… but what about doing something different instead? Something that provided more interaction? Like a costume dance?! Or a Fun Walk/Run?? Or a spooky story night? I absolutely am one of those “go big or go home” people and love to help others feel unified and celebrated and put my all into things… but why do we have to do have the same traditions over and over and kill ourselves or the next person’s stamina because some precedent of expectation has been laid and set in gold?? What happened to small and simple things bring great things?? The past few years are helping me evaluate a little in a new light… something I’ll continue thinking and wondering about!! I’d love your thoughts, or anyone else’s… want this to be edifying and not critical, waxing reflective in my own life and actions!!

    1. Wow! So much wisdom here. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you. I’m hosting a baptism breakfast tomorrow to celebrate my daughter. What if I didn’t make it a big thing? What if I just make my guests comfortable and I sit with them and visit, instead of fuss about details and perfection? What if it is a relief to my guests that they don’t feel like they have to keep up with the precedent I set when it’s their turn to host? And a spooky story night…brilliant! I’d love to see that in primary! All of these things cost time, money, and energy, which are so precious to moms of little ones (and big ones!), especially those on a modest, single income. Your comment has impacted me today. Thank you, C! <3

      1. I’ve been meaning to come back to this, so many good thoughts shared, C! All things I’ve been thinking about so much that you articulated so well. So many of the same thoughts in the book called “The Coddling of the American Mind,” have you read it? I will do a post on it at some point, makes me so worried about all the things this younger generation is facing. So much perfection is put out there to compare ourselves to. Love your ideas and thoughts about switching things up.

        1. Thank you, Sierra, Jill & Shawni!! I haven’t read that book, thanks for the reference… I’ll check it out! So happy for your daughter! Soaking up this wonderful year… I can’t believe you’ll only have one left at home, in a wink!!

    2. Oh my momma heart is right there with you r having a Sr volleyball girl! However, I asked if we could do a Sr night and just present our 4 Sr with flowers and was told “ that’s over the top” lol so I’m glad you got to celebrate!!!
      I’m so sad it’s nearly over for them!

  4. Just forget I said anything up there! Ha ha! That was my web extrovert mind sharing out loud. I write for therapy! I love this post and am happy for your daughter! Senior year is THE BEST!!

  5. Hi Shawni, I have followed you for years and have learned so much from you. I’m glad you make a little money on your blog, but I just counted 14 ads on this post. As a long time loyal reader I just want to kindly say it’s a little distracting.

    1. Oh Jen, THANK YOU for the feedback. I’ve been meaning to ask readers about this new ad platform, because I don’t see as much from my end. I will definitely look into this.

  6. This post left me in tears. As a long time follower (with children similar ages to yours) it’s crazy to see this little girl as a senior!! Time sure does fly.

  7. We have LOVED seeing this girl in action even though most has been online through her illustrious HS years! I absolutely adore those hands…always in the air, whether it’s to “kill” or to cheer! She is one bundle of enthusiasm. Sorry about the details of “over the top” but it was sure fun to see, even from afar! That girl sparkles with joy! Congrats on a grand High School Volley Ball Career. She will treasure those memories forever!

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