Although Lucy is defiant about the fact that she is not a baby, even when she is throwing a giant-sized tantrum or bawling about her lack of squinkies (the bane of my existence right now), she is quick to admit that she is “the baby of our family.”  For some reason that makes the word “baby” acceptable.  My question is this though:  How in the world is my baby turning six today?  How did she go from this: 2012-10 lu and this: 2012-10 lu's birthday2 to this: 2012-09-30 misc 609802012-09-30 misc 60985 While I took one split-second to blink? Here she is trying to trick me that she’s really turning eight:2012-09-30 misc 60993 She sure thought that was slap-stick hilarious…2012-09-30 misc 60994 Oh man I love those dimples. I love her bright blue eyes. I love how she moves her whole face to talk and express herself.  It’s like the words are stuck in there and she has to situate her face just so to get them out.  I love how she throws her head back when she gives big belly-laughs. I love that she’s a daredevil and she does gutsy things like going down fifteen scary waterslides with me and Dave at a party last month. I love that she exclaims things like “oh, you look SO cute today!” to her friends and her sister’s friends when they walk in the door….and uses words like absolutely and hilarious.  2012-09-30 misc 60996 And I love how she completes our family.  And teaches me.  And wraps herself around Dave’s finger even when she’s driving him nutty.  Yes, we are pretty darn lucky to call this girl “ours.”  Although we know she is really His.  And He sent her here to teach us a thing or two. Happy Birthday Lucy!!

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  1. One of my best friends, Lindsay, and I love your blog and are always so inspired by your posts! Anyway, Lindsay had her baby boy this morning! I just let her know that he and Lucy share a birthday. So exciting. 🙂

  2. VShe's yummy and oh-so-cute! It's so interesting being in bloggerland – reading your blog and looking at all your eye-candy pictures –that even though I have never met you nor your family, I can definitely gather a good sense for your kiddos' personalities through your pics and your writing! I feel like I already know Lucy -or that I've met her in primary! Right after I read your post, the words just fell right out of my mouth – "Happy Birthday Luce Goose"! Not sure if you ever call her that, but I know a Lucy that I always call her by that nickname – it just fits! Hope you have both had a wonderful day celebrating her! Thanks for opening up your life, your world, and your heart!I love coming to read about it!:)

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