Claire’s front tooth has been hanging by a thread for what seems like weeks.

And that is tough for me because I love pulling those suckers out.

I must admit I’m kinda good at teeth-pulling. I have several methods. I like the tie-the-tooth-to-one-end-of-a-string-and-the-doorknob-to-the-other-and-then-close-the-door method, but I think my fav. is when you just loop dental floss around the top of the tooth and pull it tight so the tooth will pop out. Claire’s tooth is perfectly ripe for this tactic, but alas, she won’t let me within ten feet of that thing.

She enjoys being Nanny McPhee too much:

In other news, my friend Jennifer is offering a great deal on canvases (the same ones that half of the proceeds go to the “I Love Lucy Project”). They would be a great Christmas gift…not sure on shipping timing though so it may have to be a quick order if you want to get something in time for the big day. Click here for more information.

And one more news flash: my sister and the other wonderful women at Power of Moms have started a new column here. It looks like they’re off to a great start.

My sisters and I are going to get to do our own “sisters” version of this on that same site as soon as we can get our acts together. Hmmm…not sure when those “acts” are going to get down to business but we are excited about the opportunity.

For now I am going to go stuff some more Christmas cards and see if I can trick Claire into letting me pull that tooth out…

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  1. Quick question for you…love your blog by the way! I just invested in my first DSLR camera and the guy wanted to sell me filters for the lenses. Do I need them? They are clear UV haze ones. He is thinking little fingers etc. And then the warrenty for any accidental things…covers three years…do I need these two items. They were the two things we didn't budget for and it is causing a little stress between me and my husband! HELP!

  2. You are the first person I've ever heard of who likes to pull teeth out–besides me! I once paid my nephew $15 to pull a tooth (his mom chipped in $10–it was either me or go to the dentist). What is it about it that is so satisfying? My family will never understand!

  3. It's been a few days since I checked your blog, so I just saw the Orthodontist post. You're awesome. And way too nice! And I laughed so hard at the picture of Dave amid the family picture chaos. What a great shot!
    I can't wait to see your Christmas card!


  4. I HATE pulling teeth! I'm a nurse and can handle just about anything EXCEPT pulling teeth. It's Dads job in our house 🙂

  5. I'm a fourth grade teacher, so my students' teeth fall out a lot. It grosses me out so much. She looks really cute as Nanny McPhee, though. 🙂

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog today, you should stop by.

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