So…..the lucky winner of the beautiful necklace from Julie, my talented and generous sister-in-law is Heather Jacobson who said: “Love your blog and the necklaces.” Congratulations Heather!  Send your contact info to me at sepphotography dot gmail dot com and I’ll get it over to Julie. Enjoy. Man alive, I wish everyone could have won, so many good ideas of what to do with a necklace out there :)  Remember you can still go to Julie’s website and order one.  If you order by December 15th you can get it in time for Christmas.  Be sure to check the “deal of the month” which includes these sterling silver necklaces this month.  Here’s the website again for you: Happy shopping and thanks to Julie for the great give-away.


  1. Hi Shawni –

    I have a question and I hope you will answer it on your blog. I mean no disrespect and hope you understand that, but I am truly confused.

    I asked the question a while ago whether you approved of the polygamist lifestyle as portrayed in the TV show Sister Wives. You said you had never seen the show and had no idea what religion they were – certainly not LDS and that your religion did not approve.

    Sister Wives is actually on now – Sunday nights at 9PM on The Learning Channel (TLC). They were just discussing their religion and used terms like "Heavenly Father", Missions, etc. Same terms you use. They claim to be fundamentalist Mormons.

    My question – would they be accepted into YOUR LDS church? Lets say that the husband, his 4 wives and their 25 kids showed up on a Sunday morning for church acting like a Mormon in good standing. What would the reaction be?

    How can you totally deny all knowledge of them and claim to shun that type of practice, when they sit there on TV saying they are Mormons?

    Please help me understand.

    Thank you.

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