Dear, sweet next door neighbors:

Thank you for letting us borrow an egg every once in a while…

…or a cup of flour

…or even a bag of chocolate chips (sometimes you just REALLY need a cookie).

Thank you for returning our baby last week who you found walking next to the street with ketchup all over her face, breakfast oatmeal stuck in her skiwampus pigtails, and nothing but a soggy diaper on.

Thank you for putting up with our kids doing loops on their bikes in your driveways on a daily basis.

Thank you for always watching carefully when you back out because, inevitably there’ll probably be one of our kids right behind you.

Thank you for not even complaining that you have to listen to our kids, (and often a swarm of other neighborhood kids) yelling and screaming to hear each other over the waterfall as they swim with shrieks of delight in the pool.

Thank you for regularly buying lemonade from our kids’ incessant lemonade stand sales.

And most of all, thanks for putting up with hearing Lucy’s new-found magical high pitched scream that she’s discovered pretty much gets her whatever she wants. I’m sure you can hear it loud and clear over there. We’ll be bringing over some complimentary earplugs shortly.

Good neighbors are priceless.

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  1. Good neighbors truly are priceless. Mine came over after a big bbq we had yesterday and just did dishes until they were ALL done. Not to mention all of the canopies, tables and chairs we borrowed from other neighbors. They truly saved us!

  2. I’m sure our neighbors have had their fill of hearing our boys on the trampoline and throwing stuff over the fence for their dog. But, they are always super friendly to us so hopefully they don’t hate us yet. You guys are fun and easy to love so I’m sure you’re neighbors do not mind. 🙂

  3. No kidding. I wish I had your neighbors. Mine are fine, but I do feel guilty borrowing an egg. And my kids are the only loud ones. And… you get my drift. Can I be your neighbor?

  4. I especially love the description of Lucy in her Skiwampus pigtails and diaper on. Oh, how that rings true over here. And the ketchup and the scream. Oh that scream! I’ll be sure to thank my new next door neighboors in advance. Poor people have no idea what they’ve just gotten into!

  5. We have always been blessed with great neighbors. All 7 of us in the corner moved in at the same time. Our kids are great friends. It’s nice to know someone is looking out for you when you’re out of town.
    It makes us never want to move… even though I want to SO bad!!

  6. AMEN!! There is nothing like loving where you live and the people that surround you are the deciding factor on that one. Looks like you’ll have to stay put forever. You just can’t beat living by people you love.

    There are 13 little boys all around my boys age in our cul-de-sac. Man, talk about make believe war/ tag team football heaven. I didn’t realize what a blessing it is to have wonderful friends that are just a hop, skip and a jump away at a moments notice. It’s by far the best thing about where we live hands down.

    And I feel for you with the high pitched screams. Kaitlyn “discovered” her voice the other day. Oh my. My ears are still ringing and she’s been asleep for ages. I’m hoping it’s a short lived stage. We’ll see. I bet I’m dreaming.

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