My dear Mom designated herself to became “the researcher” on everything we can possibly do to help Lucy ever since we got her diagnosis two years ago. She hears things, reads things and internalizes things in a way that Dave and I can’t, being as emotionally tied up in the whole scope of things as we are. She recently sent me some great information from a meeting she attended put on by the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I posted it on the “I Love Lucy” blog here.

This research she sent is especially timely this week in the wake of having Lucy’s new eye doctor tell us that she needs glasses. I know that there are many young children who need glasses, but for Dave and I this bit of news seems particularly ominous as we can’t help but feel it is the top of a slippery slope of vision loss.

I don’t know that there could ever be words eloquent or deep enough to describe how incredibly grateful I am for my mother.

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  1. Hi Shawni, Is the link to the article on X-linked RP? I don't think our kids have X-linked RP, do they? BBS is so quirky-
    On a good note – both my girls LOVE their glasses and try to sleep in them so they can see in their dreams! LOL!

    They love getting new glasses too and so like to see the eye doctor. We see Dr. Oneil – do you see his group or Dr. Cassidy?

    On a different note – I saw Jenn Jaen and her family the other weekend -we were talking about trying to make a play date – maybe during spring break- Want to meet up?

  2. That all sounds so wonderful! And your Mom is an angel.

    I'm up paying bills, and cleaning, and all the things I do after the kids go to sleep. And I thought to myself, "What am I doing up so late, AGAIN?!" And then I thought of you and bet myself twenty bucks you were up, too.

    Hopefully you're actually tucked soundly beneath your sheets and Dave!

    I'm off to bed myself.

  3. praying for you! Your sweet little girl has become a regular prayer at our home… that sweet little angelic face pulls us in! On glasses…our baby (6! But she is the "baby"!) has had 4 surgeries and many glasses and is now in a new pair and therapy because she is losing that vision in the left eye…she does love her glasses though and it is working… I hope it works for Lucy too! Tell your mom to keep up the good work! It is wonderful to have a helper! Looking forward to a picture of her in those glasses! We will keep praying!

  4. What would we do with out moms?

    PS If your hair is still too dark you can wash it with Dawn (dish soap) it strips color out great 🙂 I have done hair for over 7 years and had to do this a few times. Good luck!

  5. I am so sorry! I know exactly how you feel. Savannah will have her eye appointment in the begging of April, and at her last one the doctor had said that next time she will probably need to get glasses. I am terrified of that day, because just as you said it is the beginning, the slap in the face that this is real, that it is going to happen. You and your family are in our prayers.

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