Well, we are in the midst of a little house “spruce-up” project. By “little” I mean I figured it was time to buy some new throw pillows for our couches since the ones I made six years ago were hanging together by threads from all the forts our kids have made with them.

And, well, somehow my desire for new throw pillows led to a few other things. I was going to wait to post pictures until we had some other stuff done, but at this rate our kids will all be grown up and gone to college before we finish anything.

So, here’s the kitchen for now:Oh my word I love white cabinets.

Especially when they used to look like this:

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  1. Im planning on painting my cabinets white too! did you do it yourself or did you have someone do it?? I'm always thinking cost effectiveness but it may be well worth the money to have someone that knows what they're doing do it. Love it 🙂

  2. I love the fork decoration on your wall. I would love one for my kitchen. Where did you get it? Also, are the picture frames on your wall from Pottery Barn or did you buy them locally.

    Thanks –
    Sue Tucker
    Rochester, Illinois

  3. Shawni I am in the middle of getting quotes from painters to come paint my cabinets. I think yours look great…I am just worried about the week without my kitchen! Thanks for posting a picture…totally reaffirms my wanting to paint mine white.

  4. Holy smokes! What a transformation. Your kitchen doesn't even look the same! So much brighter and more open. I, too, am a fan of the white cabinets. Just beautiful!

  5. We just spruced up with white paint on the cabinets too. So bright and crisp and cheery. I LOVE that big ol fork. Where did you find that? What a beauty.

  6. Ok so in answer to some questions: the greatest man named Tino painted our cabinets. (I'm a painter but I wouldn't touch a project like that with a 1,000-foot-pole.) Anyone local should TOTALLY call him. He is the sweetest man and gave us SUCH a great deal and did an awesome job.

    Second, the big huge fork is from Pier 1. Not Dave's favorite, but the kids think it's the greatest thing that ever hit the planet.

    Third, I need to post a close-up of those frames when I get the pictures situated a little better, but they're keepsake boxes from a frame place here called Aaron Brothers.

    And fourth, if anyone local wants some great redecorating ideas they need to get in touch with my friend Denise. Her blog is on my side-bar. She has been helping me with the "spruce-up" project and I'm amazed at her ideas. Thanks Denise!!

  7. They look beautiful…love love love them. I had my kitchen cabinets painted white about 3 years ago and I still love them everytime I walk into my kitchen. It's amazing what a can of paint can do. Now I am thinking of doing my laundry room. Any suggestions. I just got new front loader washer and dryers and was going to get the fun fancy colored ones but decided to stick to white, so now I am obsessed with painting the boring cabinets. Help…any ideas???

  8. I was trying to look for Denise on your side bar…I want to get some inspiration from her. But couldn't find her. Maybe she is listed by her last name? Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I have some friends who are into photography and I always tell them to look at your blog and they of course are always impressed by your talent.

  9. thanks for responding! I will have to email you and get his phone # from you. I really need to do that. looks like my cabinets are the color yours were. Can't say I'd be sad to see that color go. you house is really lovely.

  10. Beautiful. I'm jealous now. And my two-year-old would have that ginormous fork ripped off the wall and used as a weapon against his baby sister in no time. I love it though.

  11. I love your kitchen! We're redoing ours soon, going from oak to white! Yours looks amazing! Hopefully ours will too.

    Do you, by chance, know the paint color you used? I love that shade, but have a hard time picking out the right colors myself. Could you share, please? Thank you!!

  12. Oh, I meant to ask for the paint color of your WALLS… the beige color. 🙂 If you have the name and brand I'd love to try it out.

  13. THANK YOU for posting this! I could tell you had done something recently (having gone back in your blog entries) and I also love white kitchens! I am trying to convince my husband that it is NICE because people are telling him white is outdated! Love it! I am also wondering how it was done.

  14. Jen, I'm sorry but that tan color on the walls is just a color match from a friend's color I liked. So I don't know what color it is. I hate figuring out tans though…good luck!!

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