Some people are so nice.

And although I know they don’t expect anything in return, I can’t not mention how thankful I am for such thoughtful deeds.

First of all, my long-lost friend from Boston University came up with a great fund raising idea for the “I Love Lucy” project. I am in awe of her. She has put together some really cool canvases from some of my nature photographs and will donate 50% of the proceeds to fighting blindness. She has created a beautiful new website just for this project you can check out here. This is an excerpt she wrote after writing about my nature shots that makes me tear up a little: “It is ironic that Lucy’s beautiful eyes may one day be unable to enjoy the beauty that we take for granted every day. Through this series of canvases, we hope that you will see your appreciation of the everyday brought into greater focus.”

So go visit Jennifer over at Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer!

On the vision subject, a couple other wonderful women have done Vision Walks in their own areas which also makes me emotional, and one girl who runs marathons on a regular basis has decided to attach an “I Love Lucy” emblem to her running shirts and run the races in Lucy’s honor. Seriously, can you think of nicer things? It’s things like these that make us feel less lonely in this whole adventure we’re on. Even though they can’t help in person they lift our hearts by their thoughtfulness.

Then Kristy Murphy, who creates beautiful jewelry at, read that Lucy had lost her “L” so she whipped one up for her and sent it to us lickety-split.
Lucy loves it and I’m so happy because that plain silver chain wasn’t making any fashion statements 😉

And then Jacquelyn Eidson from sent me the nicest necklace with my initials and my “one word” for 2010 imprinted on it. I love it. (Although I don’t necessarily love my freckly neck in this picture…)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Last but not least, my sister and her friend April (who I had the pleasure of meeting last weekend) are doing very, very good things for Mothers over at Power of Moms. They have this new video contest that is inspiring so many good thoughts for moms. You’ve GOT to go check out that one video they have posted there…it will lead your thoughts to very good things and even make a few tears leak out. Don’t you think it would be cool to make up your own video like that? Some day I will try it.

I’m so thankful for good people and the rippling wonderful example they spread all over the place.


  1. Oh, thanks, Shawni. I was so glad to meet YOU! I've been thinking about your "focus" idea today, and it helped me to ignore the mess while I did a 20-minute exercise video. You've put so many inspiring thoughts on your site.

    I'll get those notes from the Mom 2.0 Conference to you this week. And I can't wait to hear the podcasts you and your mom and sisters made last weekend!

  2. Thank YOU Shawni for your example to everyone and for allowing me to help by doing the canvases. I can't wait to start writing checks to the Foundation Fighting Blindness!

  3. Next weekend the kids and I are having a bake sale to really start our fundraising for our Vision Walk team! I've never done anything like this in my life, but I'm so excited about it, and so are my kids. My sister-in-law is going to walk with me, along with her kids. I'll keep you posted!

  4. Can't wait to consult with dad about which of these wonderful photos on canvas to order for Bear Lake! Friends are amazing…especially when you're in need of help. All this is truly amazing!

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