Happy birthday to my dear Claire Bear.

In my mind you were JUST right here, stretching out, trying to figure out that tiny little body.

And now here you are, this glowing, vivacious college girl figuring out life all independently.

It is pretty beautiful to see.

19 things I adore about you on your 19th birthday:

1) You look out for others. You are aware if someone is feeling sad and you lift. Even your parents.

2) you make things FUN. from the time you were little with your “funny face” you have added fun and funny into our family.

3) you’re not afraid of hard things. Well, maybe you are afraid, but you do them anyway. From trying out for cheer to joining a D1 volleyball team, you know pushing yourself makes you stronger.

4) you are the best cheerleader (a better kind than what you tried out for in junior high;). Loved watching you cheer on your volleyball team with so much gusto. Love that you cheer on others who may need some extra encouragement. But maybe the cheering I love most is when you cheer on your siblings, (especially Lucy).

5) you are a good conversationalist. I love to hear your budding thoughts and views as they all take shape. And love that you ask me questions too.

6) you are a good friend. Especially to your siblings and your mama.

7) you don’t shy away from using that tall body, from kills on the volleyball court to incredible dance moves to falling all over the mountain when skiing, you put it all out there!

You used to look up to me (left below), and now you’ve passed me up! (right below)

8) you are a very conscientious learner. I don’t think there’s ever a time I’ve had to remind you to do your homework or work on your grades. You know how to organize and study and make it happen.

9) you are so beautiful from the inside out but you don’t wear that on your sleeve.

10) you know where to turn in times of need. You ask those you trust and I love that you’re reading your patriarchal blessing.

11) you learn from failures and set-backs and let those things make you stronger.

12) you have found such good friends who you are learning so much from and who I know you are shining your light for.

13) you were a crowd-favorite from the beginning 😉❤️

14) you see what needs to be done and step up to do it, whether at our house or at a friends house. (I love that people have taken time to text me over the years to let me know how impressed they were because of you setting the example of helping).

15) you know how to work. Whether it’s school work or house work or volleyball work, you know how to get things done.

(unrelated, but you have the BEST expressions!!)

17) you are a leader. You are tall and beautiful so people look up to you and you lead without even having to say anything.

16) you are independent. Sometimes that makes me sad because I always want you to be my little girl, but mostly it makes me so happy because you just know how to get things done. Such a beautiful skill for life!

Also, you know how to just impromptu add to conversations and you can come up with great stuff on the spot.

18) you love tomatoes but not avocado;)

19) you know you are a daughter of God, with a divine nature and eternal destiny. Sure, sometimes you forget it like we all do, but as you grow it is so beautiful to watch as you learn to truly believe that and let that beautiful light shine through.

Love you forever and ever and I am the luckiest ever to be your mama.

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