–The fact that I get really bad cold sores after being in the sun has not changed.

–I love how when Dave smiles he gets this vein that pops up down the center of his forehead.

–Getting a 24-hour urine sample from a four-year-old is no walk in the park. (Sorry if that’s too graphic, but wow, that has engulfed my week.)

–Instructions for 24-hour urine samples are enough to put me over the edge. Especially when you mix them with the instructions for a simultaneous other test you’re supposed to get your four-year-old to cooperate with. (Again, I know, too much information.)

–Lucy’s new doctor has got to be so darn sick of me calling asking nit-picky details on how in the world I’m supposed to do these tests.

–Lucy’s veins are still so darn tiny it is extra tricky (and takes forever) to get blood drawn from them.

–Don’t plan to get to a hair appointment a half-hour after a blood draw for that girl. You’ll never make it.

–If you decide to do an at-home hair-color kit in desperation after missing a hair appointment, don’t leave it on your hair for 30 minutes while talking to fellow Young Women leaders. It will result in jet-black hair.

–I need to make the Yogurt Chicken Masala recipe from my new beloved “Keeping Up Cookbook” again in the future. It was a hit.

–Pre-schoolers are fun to do art projects with. I love Art Masterpiece.

–It is priceless to have a park right around the corner.

–I need to get to the park with my children more often.

–The Young Women in our ward can pull off anything. New Beginnings was last night and man alive, those girls were awesome. Even though we were all a little worried a half-hour before it began, in the back of my heart I always knew they’d be able to pull it off beautifully. And they did.

–Having a “board” of amazing women to work with in the Young Women is priceless. I love these women with all my heart.

–It is tough to be “present” when life is crazy. But I’m so glad my kids and Dave help remind me of that over and over.

–Just because one “big thing” or event is over doesn’t mean you can stop and take a breather. Another “big thing” is always right around the corner.

–My laundry room may never be fully organized.

–I love listening to Dave explain the scriptures to our children.

–The desert is about the worst place in the world for allergies. We are all sneezing and sniffling like nobody’s business.

–We have a negligent tooth fairy. She hasn’t come in three months. Yep, that’s not a typo. Three months.

–It really is almost Valentine’s Day even though it seems like it was just Christmas yesterday.

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  1. When Lucy has to have blood drawn try Emla cream (you can get it as a prescription from the doctor). You just spread it on the area they are going to access 30 min before, cover it with cling wrap and she won't feel a thing!

  2. Boy, Janie had to have her's drawn this week and she freaked. I had to physically hold her down as she screamed "Mom don't". Her tears, my tears, I thought of you and how it must feel to do this all the time.

    Did the jet black hair thing once as a YW leader late on a Sat. night. Had to skip church so as not to send the message to the girls that you should go do radical things to your hair like Sister Linford 🙂

  3. I feel your pain with the fever blister issue. I use Lysine. You can get it at any pharmacy. I take two pills when I can feel the fever blister coming on and then continue to take plenty over the next couple of days (two-at-a-time every 8 hours or so). Sometimes it will stop the fever blister in its tracks. If not, the blister is way smaller and heals quicker.

  4. (sorry forgot to spell chk)

    I love reading your posts – you have such a creative and fun way of capturing everyday moments – thanks for that 🙂

  5. A toilet such as this might work for getting urine samples: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MEU3M4/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_2?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B0009PAN7Q&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=01HKV49C4ZX7J5JF89QD

    This only came to mind because I'm currently potty training my son.

    I've been reading your blog for a couple of months since I read your book coauthored with your Mom. You are an inspiring example of keeping the balance in life and managing the stressful times while soaking in the beauty. Thank you.

  6. We had our New Beginnings last night too, I agree I always stress about it and the girls always come through (what am I worried about). Still glad it's over for this year, now it's on to "Evening in Excellence" and "Girls Camp", you're right it never ends, but I love it, the best calling in the Church.

  7. Hi, I found your blog link through my cousin Marlowe. I get the sun-inspired fever blisters as well, and have had great success taking zovirax. (not sure of the spelling) I take 1/2 pill a day when we're at the beach and then wear tons of sunscreen for lips and generally escape them.

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