(I promise this is my last NYC post!)

New York is such an incredible feast for the eyes. Everywhere you look there is something unique. From the people to the graffiti to the gorgeous, huge trees in Central Park to the fact that you can see skyscrapers as far as your eye will take you.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have the guts to ask the most interesting people I saw if I could take pictures of them.

I’d love to have a shot of the bright rainbow highlights one lady had in her bangs. (At least eight different super bright colors weaved in there.)

Or a close-up of a few of the colorful tattoos one lady had covering her body.

And I would have loved to have a pic. of that lady with an Afro that went on for at least a foot and a half off her head.

But alas, I didn’t dare. (Although I’ve made a promise to myself to get some guts next time.)

I do, however, have hundreds of shots of things that sat still for me while I made others stand still for me and wait.

There are so many details I love about that city.

Good bye for now…thanks for showing us such a great time…

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  1. Hi Shawni, Cristina Karekar(formerly Popescu) here! Don't know if you remember sector 2 Bucuresti branch! 🙂 I still remember our YW class at the Mechanica Fina Liceu though. Anyway, I got to your blog from Maddy Icleanu's/Sanders blog. It's been really wonderful to read about your adventures, life, and all the wonderful things you do with and for your family. I actually just finished reading your book, "A Mother's Book of Secrets", truly inspiring and wonderful! Thank you! Anyway, just wanted to drop a note, say Hi!-Cristina

  2. Our cameras are a blessing and a curse huh? Does your family ever get tired of you lugging it around, especially on vacation? Mine do sometimes!

    You are wonderfully talented! Thanks for sharing the pics of your amazing trip to NYC. I've never been but would love to go.

    P.S. You don't have to ask to take pics of people if you have your zoom lens (They'll never know). Is that rude???

  3. yeah, but I left my telephoto lens at home…had to pick and choose what I wanted to lug around the city. And I was envisioning those close-up portrait shots with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I had it all set up in my mind…next time for sure!

  4. Oh, and HI Cristina! I'd love to have an update on what you are up so. And Maddy too! Will you send me a link to your blogs? It looks like yours is private. I miss those Romanian days! And yes, I definitely remember Sector 2!

  5. I was telling Steve to check out your NYC trip posts and all you did in 5 days…plus a wedding! We just went on a 5 day trip and did next to nothing!!! Amazing trip – glad you and your amazing family had such a great time.

  6. I live on Long Island, not more than an hour and a half from NYC and don't get into the city very often. I absolutely loved all your pictures, and I'm in awe that in such a few short days you were able to see and do as much as you did. Even a Yankee game! Through your pictures, I feel as though I've just gotten off the Hampton Jitney after a long day in NY. I'm exhausted! Thanks for the fun!

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