oops, the kids got a little cut off on this one, but here we are at the Brooklyn Bridge (although that got cut off too…) but the important thing is that there are five of the nine of us plus the great addition of Kristi hanging out in NYC. It was so great to be with these great siblings. I came away so inspired from each of them.
check out these gorgeous trees at this park in the middle of the city

I’ll start by just saying it: New York City was not put together by someone who owned a stroller. And CERTAINLY not someone with a double stroller. When we lived in D.C. we visited NYC a bunch, and always had babies with us, went on the subway, blah blah blah…I knew it was tough. But it’s even tougher when you’re in a big group with five “strollered” kids, two heavy double strollers and one umbrella stroller with a super chubby baby occupying it.

Man we were a sight to behold lugging all those kids up and down big flights of stairs. That being said, we LOVED visiting NYC. There’s something about that city that I just can’t explain. I love it. My Dad served his mission there and over the years he’s somehow instilled such a love for the city in each of his kids. Saydi got us there safe despite the three bawling kids in the car for most of the trip and we got there just in time to meet up with my two brothers, one with his cute little family and one with is cute girlfriend. We stayed up and talked and hung out (no picture of that, darn it).

The next day we took off for the Staten Island Ferry to check out the Statue of Liberty. We stopped by Times Square on the way…I LOVE that place with all it’s commotion and brilliance.

on the ferry…

Serious smog but you gotta just love that Lady.

Such an amazing symbol.

We had a great lunch in the Bronx compliments of Tal. We met up with him there along with his roommate Mr. London, and Noah, Kristi, McKay and a cute little baby Claire that they were babysitting (she was the fifth “strollered” kid we lifted up and down all the subway stairs). We ate on this nice deck overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge surrounded by dozens of Asian brides getting wedding pictures taken. Not sure how we hooked up at just the right time for that. A couple of the grooms had purple dyed hair all gelled up jazzed up a bit with glitter. Interesting stuff.

Oh how we miss that Uncle Tal who used to live by us here. He’s now an official New York City dweller and it was fun to have him show us around for a little while before he had to leave on his business trip. We got to check out his cool apartment and eccentric roommate before he left.

And then, get ready for some serious excitement: My family has this secret place in NYC where you can see the most amazing view without standing in the tourist lines at the Empire State Building. It’s this office building my dad found long ago and my whole family raves about it. When I say raves, I mean really seriously RAVES and loves this place. One brother got engaged up there and another hid a note for his future fiance somewhere on the top. I know, my family is a little wacky that way. I had been there before years ago but for some reason we didn’t go all the way up, and in the meantime all the different siblings who have lived in the city have figured out sneaky ways to get past security, go through various boiler rooms, up rickety old stairwells, and climb up crazy old ladders to the very top. Charity & Noah totally showed us the ropes.

I mean, you are on the top of the world up there. It is unspeakably amazing, and incredibly scary. I swear my heart was pumping outside my chest up there because it’s so high and I was wondering what in the world I was doing taking my nine-year-old up there! (Saydi & Kristi were so nice to stay down with the babies since they had been up recently). Ok, am I painting this picture clearly enough? Because it’s tough to find words to express what a thrill it was up there. You are so darn high up and there’s really not much keeping you up there besides rusty old railings so it’s a little freaky. I was so wishing Dave was there. He would have loved it.

Here’s the view looking down:

the second rickety ladder from a pieced together construction platform to the top…

we were right level with the Chrysler Building and

the Empire State Building

scary (below is the lower level of our gorgeous view)
After our adventure we walked up Fifth Avenue to go meet Sayds and Kristi who had taken the little kids to FAO Schwartz. I love all the old buildings mingled in with the skyscrapers. Saydi and Kristi are such inspirational mothers and

my brother is the cutest Dad…(besides Dave of course)

After some big piano playing at FAO Schwartz, we headed to Noah & Kristi’s great apartment to hang out and have dinner. They have done such an amazing job with remodeling and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture. That night we stayed up so late playing these funny charade-type games. Elle thought she was in heaven that I let her stay up until nearly two in the morning with all the grown-ups.

The next day we headed to The Cloisters before we had to leave to catch our flight. The Cloisters is this amazing collection of art and architecture from all over midieval Europe. It was gorgeous with the best lighting. I wish I could have stayed all day taking pictures. Luckily for everyone else we had a flight to catch.

More stairs and big hills for these trusty double strollers.
and back home for huge sister hugs

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  1. That first picture is surreal! It looks like you snatched them up and put them into a movie scene or that they’ve just landed on a new planet. I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!! AND I love WELLEsley’s hair on the fairy. (BTW I remember changing my name at exactly her age. Must be a timing thing for independence… or appreciating origins?!) You’re the best Shawni!

  2. Loved the pics! I need to get back to NYC one of these days. Shouldn’t it be easier now that it’s only 1.5 hours away??? Thanks for such a fun post 🙂

  3. Shawni, you have inspired me to document things better…what a great family journal you have created through your blog! Can’t wait until this weekend.

  4. You took amazing pictures! I need some serious tips. I love NY it is so different than where we live. I need to get back there soon! What a great trip!

  5. I could go on and on about everything…your pics, your writing, your family, the city, the adventures, etc, but I won’t. i will say though, that the pics of the trees in the park are breathtaking. I LOVE TREES! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. WOW! How could I be so blessed to be the mom, mom-in-law and Grammie of this group! Every picture was worth a thousand words! I DIDN’T care for the one of that looks like my son is one step from death! BUT loved all the others!

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