At some point in my post-college days my family went to see “O” (the Cirque du Soleil production that takes your breath away using a huge water pool on the stage in conjunction with all the creative things they do).

And they had the nerve to go without me.

I don’t remember why I wasn’t there. Maybe it was when I was on my mission. Maybe it was after I was married and pregnant. I can’t remember except that it was just something I missed out on.

But what I do remember were the glowing reports of how unreal the show was.

Now, I have seen other Cirque du Soleil shows before. And they were outstanding. But apparently, according to my family, this was the one to beat all others. This was the mac daddy of Cirque du Soleils.

So, naturally, I made it a goal to go some day.

And Dave knew it.

So last week for our anniversary he surprised me by taking me there. To Las Vegas. To the Bellagio. To “O.”Dave also knew that one of my very favorite things ever is to watch the “dancing fountains” at the Bellagio. There’s something so beautiful and calming and creative about that display that I can’t get enough of.

So he booked our room overlooking just that.

This was the view during the day:

And this was the same view at night:

Oh man I love those fountains.

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking I’m way too spoiled you are exactly right. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this. Any of it…the show, the trip, the hotel…

…but especially Dave. I sit and wonder sometimes what I ever did to deserve him.

I know that sounds as cheesy as it gets, but man oh man I hit the jackpot.

He has the kindest heart I know. And he can see the “big picture” in life better than anyone I’ve met.

On our wedding day 14 years ago I thought I was head over heels in love.

But when I look back I realize how much deeper love can be.

Has it been butterflies and rainbows the whole time? Heck no! We don’t agree on a lot and we’re both as stubborn as they come.

But I’ll tell you what: I still get a little heart-jump when I see him across the room. And I adore him more than I can ever even try to express.

Love you babe. You’ll always be my number one.”

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  1. i love you guys!! haven't even met you in person but somehow it feels as though we have! i don't know how i missed your anniversary, must be this pregnancy things…. so even though it's late, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY"

  2. Aww, you brought tears to my eyes! What a keeper Dave is! And from reading your blog, he is blessed to have you as well!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. happy anniversary! i love this post and it makes me happy that you love your husband so much…and by the way you are amazing and that is why you deserve an amazing guy.

  4. How fun! I love Vegas and miss it terribly. Your pics are ALL gorgeous and I'm glad you had such fun. I can't believe it's been 14 years… Your garden reception inspired me to look for my own garden for my wedding. Thanks for continuing to inspire – and have a wonderful year 15!!

  5. 1. Happy anniversary. We recently saw "O" too and it's seriously mind boggeling.

    2. And Of course you deserve him. cause you are the best. But I know what you mean….to be lucky in love is a good thing. The world needs more of that.

    3. I can't get over Ellie and those beautiful dives and those oh so long legs. Wow!!
    4. Ranch looks like so much fun, loved all the pictures. fun fun fun!

    5. we do swim team too and it's so great how it wears everyone out, but we also miss most of the season when we leave the month of July.
    Happy anniversary and Happy summer

  6. What a fun anniversary! What a lucky woman you are (although I think he is equally lucky!).

    Remember a few months ago when you posted the recipe for Pumpkin Muffins? You know, the kind you can drop, smush and still have plenty to eat? I have to tell you they are our favorite muffins and I make them all the time. The best thing is that I don't use chocolate chips I use butterscotch chips. You should try it! They are devine!!! I even made a batch to sell at our garage sale recently and we had people leaving and then coming back a few hours later for more!!! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

  7. I got married and had my reception at the Belagio and I love it and love the fountains. Your tribute to dave reminds me of that new brad Paisley song called "Then". I feel the same way about my sweetie. Have fun at Bear Lake.

  8. How I love that you love our Dave. He is the greatest and we're glad you can see what a deep, tender spirit that he is. So glad you could have such a great anniversary. It's worth celebrating over and over again! Love you, Mom

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