We are full-in to volleyball right now.
Loved when this picture popped up on all our phones last week and we just went crazy with excitement in our family text 🙂
2019 02 02 iPhone 214774
They finally had another home game last night and we were dying that we couldn’t be there, darn it!  Yes, Max is red-shirting and not playing but we are all pretty excited.
Luckily Abby was there at the game though, and sent us some reports, as well as the new BYU volleyball poster:
2019 02 14 iPhone 215047
Ok, HAVE to get a better look at that:
2019 02 14 iPhone 215048There we go.  HA!  I’d love to have been in on that little photo session watching them tell Max how to pose. 
They have another game coming up tomorrow night.  Excitement.
Meanwhile Claire has her own tournament coming up this weekend.  Here’s her scrimmage I caught the end of the other night.
2019 02 12 iPhone 215023
It hit me how strange it is that this is her life so much.  She is there on that exact court for hours every week.  Such a different world from mine.  Isn’t it weird how kids grow up and expand and learn so many things, experience so much that you as the parent are never even aware of?  Interesting to think about.
Here we are at volleyball pictures the other day too.  I have no idea why we took this pic…maybe because it was just feeling so good to be on that little date with that girl of mine.
2019 01 30 iPhone 214748
Ok I’m skipping all around here, but if I wait to do a whole post about each of these thoughts I’ll never get there.
My family started doing Marco Polo (Dave and I have done it with our family for a while now, I love it!  But now the Eyres have a group and it’s pretty awesome to stay in touch that way.)
My brother sent this picture from Switzerland:
2019 02 08 iPhone 214905
I’m pretty sure every single little tiny thing is gorgeous in Switzerland.
Sharp contrast to what’s going on here in the desert:
2019 02 07 iPhone 214881
Which is SO gorgeous too!
I love that we have one of these pear trees in our front yard and it is just drenched with beauty right now:
2019 02 03 winter 214655
Takes my breath away every time I pull into our driveway.  (Causes allergies like nobody’s business, but I’ll still take the beauty!)
And then there are my favorite neighborhood trees, all about to burst with little green pompoms of leaves just itching to explode.
2019 02 03 winter 214645
Ah, I adore them.
Ok, and one more different subject to end on…love this quote my friend posted the other day:
2019 02 11 iPhone 214986
Happy weekend!


    1. I’m not Shawni, but our family uses it, so I can explain a little…

      It’s an app that allows you to basically text but with video, if that’s clear? Ha! So you hit record, say what you want to say, then the other person can get it when they can, and then back and forth.

    2. It's just a video you record and send (so it's not live). The people you send it to can record a video and send a message back. Instead of clicking to read a text, you are clicking to watch the video.

  1. Funny, I think about that ALL THE TIME- how my children are experiencing and learning things that I don't even know they are–each and every day. Each one going through completely different experiences. Each life is truly unique.

  2. I just have to say that after all the photos you’ve shown on here where Max is towering over almost everyone, it’s a little strange to see him look just “average” height among his teammates 😂

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