Oh man I am spoiled. My family took such great care of me for my birthday it made turning older with all the wrinkles and love handles worth it.

They were so proud of their “post” yesterday. I came home from seven hours of church (for real…ward conferences) to all of them with sheepish grins stretched across their faces and I knew something was up. Then I found that cute post. And I couldn’t very well hide it even though it was a little embarrassing…not when they were that excited about it.

Thanks guys.

You are the best.Keep in mind that you have to write nice stuff when it’s someone’s birthday…and I think they were nice to let the good stuff take the stage instead of things like how I get mad as a hornet about dumb things and how I’m always late for things, etc. etc. Oh man I love my family for forgiving all my shortcomings.

It’s great because I thought I was already 38 for a long time this last year so it makes turning 38 for real a little less dramatic.

Ok, so these were the birthday highlights:

  • Dave took me out to dinner on Saturday and was patient with me totally picking the place. We found the BEST Thai food place that makes my mouth water even thinking about it right now (Dave is rolling his eyes as he reads this because he thinks I’m exaggerating about how great it was, but boy howdy I’m not kidding around. It’s my new favorite).
  • Seeing Dave scurry around to make things so nice for me…from getting up at 6:15 to make a nice breakfast before we went to church at 8:00 to making the whole Sunday meal all by himself and keeping the house spotless all day. Seriously. I know I’m not supposed to gush about him here, but I can’t help it.
  • Listening to Dave’s very thought-provoking Gospel Doctrine lesson at church and wondering at how lucky I am to have someone at my side who gets the “big picture” so well.
  • Elle inviting all the cousins over to help celebrate last night. So mad I don’t have a picture of them all.
  • Having the best of friends to help me celebrate with such thoughtful gifts and services.
  • Being remembered by so many people. Seriously, if anyone ever has a birthday they feel like they haven’t been remembered they aren’t a member of Facebook. People come out of the woodwork to send over their best wishes. Thank you! I’m awful at Facebook so happy birthday to everyone I’ve missed!
  • Reading the notes my kids wrote up for me…complete with coupons for back rubs and hair styling sessions.
  • birthday flowers:

Thanks to this guy getting old isn’t so bad after all.


  1. so happy you had such a gREAT day! I just turned 39 in october and 38 was great for me, but 39 is just a little TOO CLOSE to 40 for me! My sister hates my birthday because mine is october 6th and from my birthday until hers at november 28th, we are the exact same age, so when mine comes she knows hers is around the corner and it makes her feel old! LOL!
    you have a GREAT famiLY!

  2. Multi ani traiasca! Sorry I missed the actual day 😛 I'm not good at facebook either. 38 so far is good… but yeah, as your other commenter said – 39 is just too darn close to 40!

  3. Shawni, you are so amazing! Can't help but mention the wonderful service you rendered as a missionary a few years ago in my country. You touched so many lives there. So happy I found your blog and could reconnect this way! Te pup! Cristina

  4. LOL. When I saw all the activity on your facebook, I thought, "Wow! Shawni is using facebook!" and then I realized it was people posting to your wall, not the other way around.

    Happy Birthday!!

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