We’ve had a whole slew of changes around here at church.

I mentioned that the boundaries of our “ward” (the people we go to church with each Sunday), got changed last month and it’s been a little bit crazy keeping up with goodbyes and welcomes …missing the girls we loved so much and meeting and falling in love with the new ones.

We had our last activity with our old group of girls at our house.
We watched a slide show Elle whipped up of the year we’ve been able to be together.

We presented the old bishopric with treats and posters full of our thanks.

The girls sang some masterful songs around the piano:
(We have some serious talent going on around here both with piano and singing…Elle are you following those examples? I sure hope so!)

We talked and talked and hugged and even shed a few tears.
Love these leaders SO much.

Love these girls so much.

I always say how much I love change but then I’m just not so sure.

Ahhhh, we’ve had some good times over the past year.
After all our good-byes one week with that group of girls, the next week we held our traditional ward Young Women Christmas progressive dinner…
…with all the new girls.

We played two truths and a lie:

…and ate lots of good food.And you know what? It’s amazing how much you can love girls you just barely met.

I could feel the goodness of their hearts right from the start.

Once again, I learn so much more from these girls than I can ever teach them.

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  1. I love love love the YW program (I'm the president in my ward right now). I've always been amazed at the instant and abiding love I have for the girls I serve. I know it comes straight from heaven!

  2. Ahh! All those 'new girls' are my 'old girls!' Sad day…and even sadder, we have no new girls because they literally just took half our ward away! 🙁 I am happy to see them though in your ward — you will love them! They are so very good & talented beyond measure. Have fun!

  3. Can I just tell you how much I VERY STRONGLY dislike when ward boundaries are shifted around? I know it shouldn't, but it makes me very angry.
    We are getting booted out of our building and back to another building that we've been in before. I feel like a vagabond.

  4. A question for Friday….You often have LOTS of people in your home. Maybe you are use to it. BUT, how do you keep it from stressing you? When I have LOTS of people in my home, my stress level rises!

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