Ok, first of all, before I say anything else, I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great input and advice about Elle’s summer the last couple days.  We now have some really good, viable options which Dave, Elle and I will be sitting down to discuss in depth on Sunday when this weekend calms down (Prom, birthdays, a big volleyball game, a speech I have to give, an X-ray I have to get, etc.)  But I just can’t leave all those unanswered emails and comments without extending a sincere thank you for all the help!  I will update as soon as we figure out anything solid…until then keep the ideas coming if you have any and know how much they are appreciated!
Sometimes I wonder if I am invisible to my children.  I can tell them things 45 times and they still may look at me blankly when I follow up.  And even if they allude to being able to hear me, saying “sure” or “uh huh” what I’m trying to tell them seems like it must be a foreign language with how they follow through.
So when I find things like this scrunched in Lucy’s drawer it’s like a little gift:

Those are my words written out in the sweetest little rainbow handwriting I can imagine.

Someone did listen.  I mean, we do say those things every single Saturday so they really should be memorized by now, but still, it did my heart good to find that little gem of a home-made job chart that day.

I love little reminders like that that even though kids may seem oblivious to much of what we parents do and say, so much still soaks in…the good AND the bad.  Which is kind of scary, and kind of a big responsibility, but kind of wonderful too.


  1. My son had a check up yesterday and my husband asked the Dr to check his hearing. The Dr laughed and laughed. Apparently he gets asked to do that a lot. His hearing was fine.

  2. Love this! As for the prom dress fiasco… oh goodness. I just want you and Elle to know I am pregnant with my first (and possibly only) daughter. If she radiates the light that Elle does I will have considered my teachings on modesty accomplished (the point of modesty to not draw attention away from God through appearances and actions).

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