In the midst of the Children for Children prep we were simultaneously in the thick of the Turkey Trot prep.

Dave and his team have been hard at work getting things situated, which is always a pretty huge job. But one that he and his team are pretty good at by now! On Saturday the “large” sizes of t-shirts were ready to go (I think there were 1,300 of them!), so we had Dave’s whole in-town family over to help us “roll” them on Sunday night (makes it easier at registration check-in to hand them out).

Oh how we adore these people and how willing they are to jump to help.

It was a party.

Even these cute kids worked so hard!

Way to go, guys!

Within an hour or so we had all those boxes emptied, rolled, and boxed right back up again all neat and tidy:

(They’ll do all the other sizes at BrainFood this week.)

We also consumed some good piles of hot cookies in the kitchen…I just caught the tail-end of the crew in there…

So grateful for all the help as we prepare for ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

I came across these old pictures the other day and just have to share for a minute because I love to think of how the Turkey Trot has grown over the nine years since the beginning.

An early-days check-in station on the left, and how we do it all official now in the mall parking lot the day before the race:

The “dream team” then and now:

(And they are modest guys who are probably embarrassed that I’m calling them the “dream team,” but they do a pretty dreamy job!)

The starting line then and now:

Our family then and a few years ago:

(Sure glad Max sported that goat shirt for the race…it was his lucky shirt in many ways I think 🙂

And speaking of family, let’s take a look at all the crew of family that is always so willing to help:

T-shirts then and now:

Randoms because I love them:

Bracelets for registration back then, and the new slick set-up they have now…multiple tables of cute crews like this:

Our home-made Families Fighting Blindness sign and how it’s evolved.

Kind of fun to see the evolution of everything. So excited for next week and another year of evolution!

And also kind of fun to know that 100% of the proceeds go to these two charities:

Come join us if you’re going to be in the desert!

Click HERE for the website and more information…and to watch that video that will get you pumped up.

Ok and one more “pump-up” thing…THIS is tomorrow night and it’s going to be really good. WISH I lived close enough to attend!

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  1. Hi Shawni – just wanted to let you know the ads you have are frustrating when reading your blog on a mobile device. They a cause around the text that keeps coming and going and covers the text on either side of your post! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

      1. Yes, that’s happening to me too! For me it’s the Pepsi ad. Congratulations on such an incredible achievement that has clearly taken on a life of its own!!

  2. Oh man, this is an astonishing accomplishment every year! No one will ever know all the work that goes into it. But the joy we saw when we were there of people helping with two great causes on a day when everyone needs a good race anyway is such a delight! Congrats on this monumental effort to do good things for so many! Wish we could be there! Hugs!

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