Once upon a time in a desert suburb there was a temple building proposed.
The families surrounding the area were excited.  They took pictures where it was to be built:
(More about that back in part 1.)
The families helped build the bedrock of the foundation with their testimonies and love written on rocks.
More about that back in part 2.)
The youth participated in a temple walk to be even more aware of how exciting the whole deal was:
(More on that back here.)
The families in the area watched and waited as it rose up from the ground.
Then one day (completely unrelated to the temple building going on) one mother went to school to pick up her daughter for a lunch date (because she liked to do that from time to time).
As she was checking her daughter out from school there happened to be a whole slew of other moms grabbing their kids.  They asked her if she was going to watch Angel Moroni being put up.
She responded that now she was 🙂
So she and her daughter went on a special date to watch that guy be hoisted up there to the top.
They stood around with the hoards of other people who came to watch, in awe of how cool it was to see such things… …(and even ran into the mother’s dear college friend who she hadn’t seen in ages:)
And although that mother was sad she only had her iPhone to capture the day with, it was sure the date of a lifetime for her and her girl.
…one they will remember each time they drive past that beautiful building.
And maybe even on that girl’s wedding day some day in the future…
You never know 🙂

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  1. Beautiful temple! Amazing it is almost done. We are still waiting for even the ground to be broken on our dear Philadelphia temple. We'll keep on praying!

  2. I loved the way you worded this post.
    My sis in law called me while her and her two kids sat and watched the Angel Moroni be placed on top. It is really to hear you were their too. I love the photos you took.
    Reminds me of the Calgary Temple getting their Angel Moroni on top not to many months ago.

  3. I was there too with my baby girl who is only a year old. She was not thrilled to be out in the hot sun and was not very appreciative of the amazing historical moment she was witnessing. But one day I will tell her about it and show her the pictures and I hope that she will always see that temple as her temple. SO special!

  4. My husband and i went to the park right next to the temple and just sat and stared at it in wonder. its beautiful! and thank you for sharing, because we are never in that part of town and even though i missed the actual event i feel like i was there!

  5. We just dedicated our new temple in Kansas City and we are so thrilled to have it here. We don't have to make the 4 hour trip to St. Louis anymore. What a blessing temples are in our life! I'm so glad you are getting one close to you.

  6. Your first "Once upon a time" post inspired me to do the same thing here in Kansas City for our temple.
    It was dedicated last month. Now I love seeing all the photos from the ground breaking to the dedication – and we even added a baby to the family along the way!

  7. Lovely event. My son and I were able to go there and get some pictures about an hour after the statue was installed. It was still wonderful to see. Looking forward to the completion!

  8. I recently heard that Mormon temples are open to public viewing before being dedicated. Is this true? If so, I would love to come and see such a beautiful place.

  9. When the angel Moroni was placed at the Portland temple I was a young teenager…it was a magical moment. Be sure this moment will be one your daughter won't soon forget.

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