Dave and I talked about taking a little road trip to Indian Wells (tennis tournament) with some friends overlapping when Grace and Claire arrived (for the baby shower) since it would be a perfect chance for them to have some sister time with Lucy while we were gone. (Those two came before everyone else arrived.)

Every year I try to get to Indian Wells but it never seems to work! It’s within driving distance so it seems like we should be able to finagle it, but life gets in the way! Anyway, due to some unseen circumstances Dave was unable to go, so we switched plans and I took Grace and Claire with me to that awesome tennis tournament instead.

Which may have been the best idea anyway since it was so fun how over-the-moon excited they were about it when I mentioned the idea.

Their flight was delayed for three hours getting into town which cut our short time down even shorter, but we still headed out on that road trip as soon as they had a chance to snuggle up Lucy and Bo Jangles at home for a minute. 

I had them watch the Netflix documentary Break Point as we drove to get them all ready (my friend had told us how good it is and the third episode is all about Palm Springs). I loved driving through that sunset with those girls and their excitement for life, catching up with all that’s going on in college life.

We had a happy reunion with my parents (they go to Indian Wells every year they can) at a Japanese place for a fun dinner.

We all loved that special time with those good parents of mine. My dad to tennis is kind of equal to my brother Eli to NYC: they know how to get people excited (not that we needed it because these girls are pretty big tennis fans), but he got us all hyped and ready, even scheduled a clay court so we could play some fun doubles before we headed over to the tournament.

Tennis at Indian Wells

Ok, that place (the Indian Wells tennis tournament) is so awesome, and we were so happy going from match to match, watching everyone battle it out with all their might to try to qualify for the big games coming up. (We were there for one of the first two qualifying days so we could roam around and sit wherever there was a spot).

We got to see Maria Sakkari warming up who we had watched on the Break Point documentary:

Loved sitting on the front row of one match with ice cream cones, all of us fully enthralled…

…and also the girls’ excitement to see Taylor Fritz unveil his “champion mural” since he won last year:

(that third episode of Break Point is all about how he fought to win)

We also watched Iga Swiatek unveil hers:

There were no matches on the big courts that day, but it was fun to take a peek at them:

It really was “Tennis Paradise” and we all felt like Claire did (below) being in the middle of it all:

Gosh I sure love these parents of mine, and these girls of mine too, all wrapped up in that spot:

Isn’t my dad the best poser ever? 🙂 I adore him. And that beauty mama of mine.

It was hard to tear ourselves away from all that goodness that evening, but we felt pretty lucky we got those hours in that place or as long as we did. The girls took turns driving all the way home and mixed a good fight with each other in there too. Ha! Luckily it melted into such a good conversation. Nothing like long road trips for talking.

I think this might be the start of a new tradition. Maybe I’ll let Dave tag along next year:)


  1. Love the double pierced ears on both your girls (although surprised to see them on a returning missionary!)

    1. Are you praising her for her missionary service or criticizing an adult for not following the previous strength of youth pamphlet? Her RM adult son had a beard. No one ever picks at men.

      1. They are both a disgrace to what they have been taught and also what they tried to teach others. I don’t think adults have a different rulebook, dear. She has been through the temple and made her covenants. Call me crazy but I think they should walk the walk.

        1. ‘Love the double pierced ears on both your girls’, do you always lie then? Or are you just sarcastic from time to time? Or are you taking over the job of the God, the only judge? Or are you so righteous to think you have that right? A little bit of kindness is enriching. I believe it is fine to have an opinion on something, to dislike something or disagree too, but to call someone, a complete person, disgrace because something about that person is not according to your beliefs is not kind. At least, I believe it is more godly to spend your own time in a productive, useful way and not by analyzing the ‘disgraceful’ persons. And if not for others at least you should do it for yourself.

          1. It is THEIR so called beliefs, not mine. I have triple pierced ears and several tattoos. I did not make a covenant with the God I believe in to NOT have these things. So yeah, a bit sarcastic, and not judging, just wondering.

        2. Trina,
          I think you misunderstood our beliefs. They did not make any covenants about piercings. Ever.
          It was suggested many years ago 1 piercing, but this was always a suggestion, It’s not a law or anything. Recently a new guideline book was published that removed all dress standards, piercings, and tattoos etc, long gone are the days of a “ dos & don’t list” we now hope that people will focus on their own relationship with their saviour and what that means to them. That will look different for each person.
          Shawni and her family have this blog as a way to document their life, and kindly share that with us, please if you have nothing kind to say, or don’t like what you read, move along!

  2. That looks like such a fun mother daughter trip!!! How do you get tickets, do you have to buy them separately for each game or just pay per day to go?

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