Every now and again these days I can feel it: the slightest twinge of nip in the air. Oh and it’s pretty glorious when that happens in the desert after all the excessive summer heat. Because do you know what that means? Hiking season. Here’s one great desert hike to welcome the *slightly* cooler weather.

First off, I know to majority of people reading this blog, this scene may not look fantastically beautiful. I know desert beauty can take a little while to grow an appreciation for. But as I looked out across the expanse of desert as we began our hike it took my breath away:

If it’s not beautiful to you at first glance, take a closer look up there. Look at those muted golds and greens, the perfect mixture to me. The texture. The welcome gray sky as a contrast.

Oh I love it.

I love these ladies I got to hike with too. My sister-in-law and cousin-in-law.

We were needing a little girl-talk and it was just such a beautiful overcast morning to explore on a great hike and talk deep.

See that “natural tunnel” behind us in the photo above?

It was the coolest thing. Here’s Annie going through so you can see the size.

It was such a little serendipitous find.

Nature is amazing.

And hiking renews me in so many ways.

Something about being out there, at one with the earth, those expanses of beauty unfolding as you work your legs and heart and mind.

If you’re ever interested in joining me in desert hiking, I’ve written a desert hiking guide to help you find a good one.

And all kinds of other hiking posts.

Happy Fall!

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  1. I love the nip in the air too! What is the name of this hike? I have family coming into town for Christmas and am looking for some good hikes for them to appreciate the desert! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks, I love hiking in the desert too. Keep up the hiking posts. I’m excited that this season is here. Looking for some great trails to explore. That one looks like one I’ve been on at South Mountain.

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