I couldn’t get these videos to upload fast enough yesterday for my “little celebrations” post so I left gymnastics off my list of things I’ve checked off (along with a whole slew of other things that just may bore us all to tears if I wrote them all down).  But this was a good one. Grace and Claire started a new “flips” gymnastics class this year and have learned SO much.  (I wrote a little bit about it back when I wrote about Claire last week…or was that two weeks ago??) Their recital was last Saturday.2013-05-04 flips 74958 Some of those numbers were so good they made me tear up a little bit. Dave has started to look at me like I might have a little problem with all the “tearing up” I’ve done lately.  But honestly, if you think about these two things you may tear up when you watch it too: 1) All the hard work these girls have put in to get to this point.  And the sheer courage it takes to stand there and fling your body into a backflip or back tuck.  2) How amazing is the human body that it can do things like this?  Things that are hard and take so much concentration.2013-05-04 flips 74907 See if you catch my drift when you watch this portion I videoed: Did you tear up? I kid, but they are pretty awesome, right? Here’s part of Grace and Claire’s number…the part before all the flipping and twirling because I was tearing up too much to catch that part.  (I kid, I was really ok but Lucy was trying to ask me a bazillion questions there at my side so I had to stop.) Two of their cousins do gym at the same place so it was so fun to watch them in action as well.  2013-05-04 flips 74994 Claire jammed her fingers so badly two days before that I thought there was no way she could do it, but she taped those babies up and pulled through despite a little pain.2013-05-04 flips 74934 With a lot of encouragement from her big sis. Love those girls of mine.

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  1. So, I have a question. I have the IWAN bad. My youngest is 4, and there will be no more. But I am so very nervous to move into the next phase of mothering, because the idea of being alone in the house during the day while the kids are all in school, makes me want to cry. Not the being alone, but the not being needed by a baby or toddler. What do I do with myself…ALL DAY? I can only clean house for so long. Do you have ideas about mothering big kids? Is it fun? Does it get better than babies?! Yikes!

  2. I teared up and I don't even know your kids! Seriously amazing!

    For me it is passion-(well that and PMS). When I see kids singing, dancing, playing instruments, whatever-full of passion….I lose it too.

    And I'm very sentimental. I'm doing my 5th grader's slide show for graduation, and I get teary nearly every time I see it. Hopefully I will be desensitized by the end of the month!

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