What happens when you have a trip with your recently-returned missionary back to see her mission stomping-grounds and your other daughter gets asked to a different school prom the same weekend?

You just soak in that puppy from afar:)

Thank goodness for FaceTime…

Trying to figure out the perfect dress…Elle was all for her wearing that pink one up there on the left (the one her wedding dress was modeled after…you can see it back HERE). Ok but actually, because of COVID, that turned out to be the sealing dress, not the wedding dress, which was over HERE and purchased at Target in the middle of a pandemic, and which, interestingly enough, ended up being the perfect dress for Claire to wear for her senior pictures we took the other night…we sure know how to get multiple uses of dresses over here I tell you!

Phew! that was a long digression…let’s get back to that picture on the left up there…

I was all for getting that room cleaned up! Ha!

But in the end it was not the dress we found at Last Chance OR the one Elle voted for, it was Grace’s last prom dress hand-me-down (Grace’s vote:)

And we were quite proud of our girl as we got to FaceTime after our paddle board journey on Ladybird Lake in Texas.

(That paddle-boarding glory is at the end of the Austin post back HERE.)

And also so grateful for the moms of Claire’s friends (who are my friends too), who sent cute pictures that kept coming as Dave, Grace and I were waiting on Congress Bridge with a whole slew of other people for the bats to emerge back in Texas:) (Again, that’s back in THIS post.)

And also grateful for that cute boy who asked Claire to prom and made this night so fun for her.

These girls on either side of Claire below are her cousins she’s grown up with her whole life:

They go to this school where this prom was, and one of them was in Claire’s prom group, and they randomly met up at a gas station in between events.

Love that these high schools are close and that these cousins have merged so many friends over the years.

And oh man, I adore high school.

I know teenagers can be tricky sometimes, but oh! What a great opportunity to build a foundation and learn and grow before the stakes get higher moving on out into the world.

SO grateful for the good kids that have surrounded my kids over the years and for all they have learned from them.

And with that, the glory days of high school dances come to an end for this girl of mine.

May is going to be a tough one for this mama heart I tell you.

May 26th is graduation.

We’re not ready!

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  1. My friend from Alpine sent me a picture of Claire and her date for this last dance. She was staying with her friends when Claire showed up to take pictures with there friends’ son. Small world. They look so great. Love the dress! And that TALL dude (who is such a great guy, according to our friend). Bless those great HS days!

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