She made me this video of Canada.

…and I love it. (Lots of pics. from that trip back HERE, but I sure love the video!)

(Diverging from Max’s return for a sec…the video of his return reminded me of this one and how I love that videos can capture so much.)

I think it’s so cool how you can do stuff like that with technology these days.

I don’t think I’ve written yet about how Elle got accepted into the Graphic Design department over in Hawaii and is really loving it.  It’s right down her alley.  She’s got all kinds of cool classes that have taught her so much in videography to font creation and she has a “branding” class that she loves right now.  I just love college. I love how much you can learn in this life!

This is a video she made with portions of video available for one of her classes…(she didn’t do the videography, it was the video editing):

JPOPS from elle pothier. on Vimeo.

And same with this one that I love:

film supply challenge- get out. from elle pothier. on Vimeo.

She’s learning so much but dang, she sure is far away!  


  1. Hey! I was just curious, what kind of camera was the Banff video shot with? I'm looking to purchase a new camera for an upcoming trip and I thought you might be a good person to ask.

  2. Hey Shawni! I usually follow your blog using the link in your sidebar —>
    But lately, it hasn't updated when you add new posts (that link only shows a post from Feb 6, 2018).

    Anyway, I'm not sure you have any other readers who also use that link (with an RSS reader or Flipboard app, etc), but if you do, it might be worth fixing. As usual, love your writing!

    1. Hi,
      I signed up via Blogtrottr and I'm also not receiving any updates just lately.

      Not sure why this is happening but I'm really miss getting the blog posts in my e-mail box.

    2. I use Feedly to get all of the blogs I read (as well as new videos from Youtube channels I subscribe to) and I haven't had this problem. However, I got the 6 most recent blog posts all at once today.

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