Seventeen years ago from today on a surprisingly warm spring day in Utah, Dave picked me up from my apartment and took me on a drive up Sundance Canyon.

We ate lunch at the restaurant there.

Then we went on a hike to Stuart Falls.

The sun was slanted the way it does when you can almost see its rays filtering through the air.

Like prisms making the air more rich and colorful.

I can’t remember what we ate or what we talked about. I can’t remember if I kind of knew what was coming. But I do remember Dave getting a little shaky, reaching down to pull something out of his sock and then handing that thing over.

It was a ring.

A diamond one.

And it sparkled in those early spring sun prisms.

He asked me to marry him.

And I said yes.

I wish I would have been as into taking pictures back then as I am now. Maybe if I had had an iPhone to pull out and capture the whole event I would remember more of the details.

But this picture my roommates took when we got home will have to do:
Although I don’t remember all the details I do remember how I felt.

I was nervous and enamored and scared and excited all at the same time.

But most of all, I felt safe.

Seventeen years ago was a good day.


  1. Ha ha. I love the picture! I remember you working through the idea of marrying Dave and I'm so glad you made the right decision! Gosh you both look so young in that pic 🙂

  2. A Good Day indeed. Man does Max ever look like his dad.
    By the way…please disable that word verification thing on your blog. I can never figure the words out and sometimes just give up leaving a comment.

  3. Hi Shawni,

    First of all, happy engagement anniversary! My husband and I are coming up on our 11 year engagement anniversary. 🙂

    Second, I just read your disclaimer and am glad that I did. I'd been reading your blog for nearly 2 years when it just wasn't sitting well with me anymore and reading it was making me feel down rather than inspired. So after about a year off I was curious the other night and decided to take a peak. (I was one of those bothered by all the mom blogs I was reading so I just stopped reading them)

    I read around a bit and just finished your "disclaimer." Good things said there. I enjoy watching people and observing behavior and one of my favorite quotes seems to hold quite true "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." It seems to me that you have a gift to have a great attitude most of the time. That, and the seemingly exceptional families you and your husband come from. It all comes down to how we handle the hand and of life we've been dealt and some certainly do have a better hand than others!

    I heard the iceberg analogy years ago and just wish that I could better keep that perspective! I once had a friend say that she wished she could be like me and have it all together. I got a big laugh out of that because it is so far from the truth, especially these days 😉 I've certainly lived the fact that we are all very much icebergs.

    So thanks for sharing all that you do…the good, the bad, the good, and the good! Each reader will take it however they will and hopefully have the resolve to take a step back if it bothers them. And thanks for keeping up with your blog no matter what others may say.

    Take care 🙂

  4. Some couples just really look like they were meant for each other. You and Dave are one of those couples.

    Fun memories. Here's to many more!


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