So typical of Lucy…can you tell she’s a coloring maniac by the looks of her arm?

Then she got kinda sick of posing:

So I moved over to other willing subjects:
Man I love photography.
And I love summer nights.

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  1. So so cute. I love Lucy's beautiful eyes and her smile. It's always nice to have girls that are happy to pose for you. The minute I get the camera out, a dark and very unattractive look comes over one of my son's face. He HATES to be photographed. He literally hides when the camera is out.

  2. Do you guys like living in AZ? We are thinking that may be the spot we go when we head back west someday. We are partial to warm weather, but is it too hot??? Also, I was looking at the line-up for TOFW this Fall out East and I saw that you and your mom are speaking in Richmond, VA. My friends and I are planning on going and I am excited to hear you guys speak!

  3. At this point I can't even remember how I came across your blog! I'm sure it's nothing you haven't heard before, but you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!! I read your last few posts (loved the "Entitlement" post~ so need to work on that with my children!) and clicked over to your sweet daughter's blog. As I scrolled through her pictures one of my first thoughts was, "She has to be LDS!" Her and her friends are all dressed modestly ~ not something you often see in a large group of young girls in the summer! ~ and they all radiate happiness and joy! As a mother of four boys I thank you for raising your daughters to dress modestly and truly emulate the Light of Christ!

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