I still find it so weird that I have kids who are in college…one who just finished her first year and is coming home TODAY!
In some ways it seems like I should still be there.  Man I learned a lot in college.  And it wasn’t just the classes or the experiences away from home, I learned so much from friends.  They helped shape me in so many ways.  They were integral in how Dave and I met, and helped shape the path that made us fall for each other.  
The story of how we met is back HERE and HERE, and HERE, (which seems appropriate to reminisce about since it’s our anniversary month), but this post is about how we got to get together with quite a few of those good college folks at a little “reunion” up at our friend’s cabin for a quick overnight trip in the mountains last month.

(That is what we were trying to leave town for when I had my little “everyone has their own story” epiphany back HERE.)

And this post is also about how that same weekend Claire got invited to go to California with a friend as well, and I like the order of how these pictures came off my phone (plus I don’t have much time), so I’m just going to go back and forth with the order they came in instead of switching around.

Claire thought she had died and gone to Heaven BTW with that good fortune to be with that good friend for a couple days.

Grace pretty much thought she died and went to Heaven too because she got to stay home with her favorite little sister and friend and they had a pretty good time I tell you.

Ok, so back to college friends…we stopped at this little hike on our way up.

 …and admired the beauty of this natural granite bridge.

And Claire did this…


The cooler weather up in the mountains was so welcome!

These guys look pretty serious here, but this pic. was taken before they started laughing their guts out about something or other down there at the end of the table.

Our friends Tom and Melissa were in charge of games and boy howdy are they ever good at that stuff.  There was a pretty funny prize at the end…

 Meanwhile, temple trip for these girls…

 …and a walk for these ones.

I love those women so much.  We had some pretty deep discussions up there.  Each one of us has children who struggle for various reasons.  Is that just how all of motherhood is? We talked deep and long about how our hearts ache for them and how we can help them.

 That seems so light to put in a little sentence on a blog, but I’m so grateful for those talks and want to remember them.

I think nature is kind of a little like a temple for me.

Loved this on our family group text:

 Came back to snuggle all these girls…and Leo the lion too.

Good times amidst the May hoopla.


  1. Hey there! Long-time reader of your blog but I never comment (sorry). Thanks for all your inspiration. I've got an oldest boy and four girls, too. My boy just graduated high school and my baby is two, so I love following along with your adventures with littles through college students! Quick question, I have such a hard time finding cute, appropriate dresses for my skinny 13-year old. Where did you find Claire's dress from the temple trip photo, the black one with the embroidery. I've been looking everywhere for something similar. Thanks! Happy summer, to you all!

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