My friend Vanessa (yes, the one who started Chatbooks…she’s pretty awesome!) asked me to talk with her on her #momforce podcast about the “one word” dealio I do each year. She figured it would be a good way for moms to start into their pondering about the big 2020 right around the corner.

Not the stressful sort of pondering filled with big lists of resolutions, just one word as a mantra for the coming year.

I know there are all kinds of Christmas things going on right now, our brains aren’t really jumping forward to all the new years mumbo jumbo. But I do already have my new “word” picked out for 2020 and for some reason it’s already working it’s way into so much of what I do so I guess it’s never too early.

So, if you want something to listen to as you wrap gifts or run errands, find this on your podcast app (or just click HERE), and give it a listen:

(Or just click right HERE…it’s episode #30, or click HERE to get directly to it.)

Here’s another description to get you excited 😉

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I”m on a six hour plane ride and have purchased Internet access but it won’t play videos or podcasts. I’m have to come back to these.! Darn. This is such great uninterrupted time!

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