My birthday was three days after Claire’s (here) so we had another celebration rolled out while getting to soak up Max that extra week.  

 These guys whipped out a royal breakfast (mostly Dave but I’m sure these guys helped…)

Claire got welcomed into Young Women in church:

(Pretty sweet birthday gift to get to be with THREE of your girls at church on Sundays.)

Dave whipped up an awesome dinner…

So fun to be able to share that with my brother and his family before they had to take off on their next adventure.  We were pretty sad to have them leave…these two were especially sad to have to separate 🙁

We had cake and ice cream.

It was like groundhog day from Claire’s big day a few days before, except Elle was missing for some reason or another…

 …oh there’s Josh to substitute 🙂

…and Nana and Papa too:

Our dear friends we met in China brought me over some Romanian cake.

…and as we watched a family movie and I got my feet and back rubbed from everyone (so nice), our neighbors came over with their own birthday wishes:

They even played the wishes for me on the piano.

How nice is that?

My kids all presented me with sweet kind notes at breakfast.  Claire’s was a whole coupon book (which I’m sure she will follow up on and really do:)

Some of the older kids notes are kind of more private, but I can share Lucy’s.

Let’s take a closer look at my favorite part up there in the corner:

There we go.

Oh I’m sure glad this girl can spot beauty with those beauty-blue eyes of hers right now and share the wonder of it all with me.

It was a great day.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Random side note. I work at BYU-Idaho and just finished a great devotional with your in-laws. You sure have one amazing family. Thank you for all you do to promote the family and the blessings that they are. Thanks!

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