Look who’s turning ONE tomorrow… The kids are fighting over which kind of cake “she” likes best (meaning which one they want the most). 2007-09-07 kids 0019
I can’t believe last year at this time I was absolutely DYING of anticipation waiting for this little arrival. I was counting contractions and hoping with all my heart to meet this little girl and hold her in my arms as soon as possible. Here we are right before and after she was born…little did we know how much joy this little girl would bring into our lives.

We were laughing about those already humongous infant chubby cheeks…and check out the fun 11-toe footprints. Still miss that toe.

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  1. I was just thinking about this the other day and remembering Lucy being born. I had a niece, a best friend’s baby, a nephew and your Lucy all born within a week of each other. SO awesome to feel their sweet spirits, straight from heaven!!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Lucy on a great first year! Just think of all the amazing possibilities her precious life holds!

  2. Happy birthday Lucy! It has been so fun lately to see her personality emerge. I can’t believe she’s 1!

    What’s the deal with Claire on the 4th picture down?

  3. Great stuff, Shas, you got me tearing up a bit about being done with babies – but it’s all good. I just read your last few posts and they’re all incredible. I think we’ll have to dub you the writer of the family!

  4. i can’t believe how TINY your belly was. if that’s one baby i must look like i’m having triplets. i get sooooo huge, but i have ten pound babies.

    the picture are georgous! what a beautiful baby girl. happy birthday lucy!

  5. are you talking about pecan creek? or what are the pecans?

    i just shot them at joe’s farm house on ray just off of higley. i have some pics. that i’ll put up once my husband edits them. i love it there. there are a lot of cool spots to shoot. this was my first time shooting there and i’ll totally go back.

  6. I have been a lurker on your blog for some time…I thought I would tell you how much I love reading about your life! Your photography is amazing, and your kids are adorable!
    -Erika (Wallin) Fellars

  7. Lucy is the cutest, and I love her extra toe on the foot chart. Hope her foot is healing well. I hope I look like you in the delivery room and not like crap. Actually, I probably won’t care at that point 🙂

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